Sunday, September 20, 2009

saturday night fever

Every heard of Roseola?

It sucks.

My affable, charming, jovial, Happy McSunshine boy has been turned into a grouchy, whiny, shrieky, rash-riddled sad sack who doesn't want to eat or sleep or do anything that doesn't involve clinging to my knees or bosom and snuffling pathetically. I am getting about four hours of sleep a night, and my dreams are so crammed in together that woeirawklenf sdklnfas;ldkjfaweoiwerowdjslkd. If that tells you anything.

I do not approve.


Virginia Valerie said...

Doesn't sound very rosey to me.

Caroline D. said...

maybe it sucks, but that photo is so freaking cute I can't stand it.

kristin said...

awww poor t.rex (and you!) -- mr. simon had roseola and I agree, total suckage -- too bad the doctor couldn't even figure out what it was :p