Wednesday, September 16, 2009

oops but yay update

I know you guys are going to be utterly amazed, but I was wrong. Again.

We dragged Dr. Krog's emaciated carcass to the doctor yesterday, where they performed the most invasive nasal swab possible. Turns out he doesn't have swine flu, or sheep flu, or chicken flu, or any sort of flu at all. Which is a little amazing, since his main symptoms were fevers and body aches.

He is now being treated for a severe upper respiratory infection, and we're finally allowed to mingle as a family again. Sleeping in my own bed was blissful, aside from the 97 times I had to get up to cover feet and wipe bottoms. Life is almost back to usual. Except for t.rex's fever, which is hopefully just the angry legacy of tooth #8.

So if your kids have played with my kids, or you've been licking the spigots at the Coffee Park, fear not. We do not bring swine flu.

So now we get to go back to dreading it with the rest of America.


Eoywin said...

Yay for no swine flu. I have the regular flu and am hoping to goodness that my little girl doesn't get it.

Alicia Istanbul said...

I hope those antibiotics hurry up and kick in. Swine flu or not, it sounds like a hellish experience. (But I'm glad it's not swine flu).

Heather said...

I was tested for the flu yesterday, and I'm not sure I didn't see brain matter on the swab she pulled out of my nose. HOLY CRAP. A friend who visited with us while waited at the ER (we were there to find out what I had, since it wasn't the flu, he was there because his wife DOES have the flu) told us they have to actually swab the sinus cavities. Tell Dr. Krog he's not alone in the disgustingly invasive nasal probe. (and if he managed to get through it without tearing up, now THAT's impressive, and if he did tear up, well... that's just completely understandable. They were only shoving 6 inches of swab in his nose.) *shudder*

Caroline D. said...

i thought you said 'naval' swab. I was confused.

glad he doesn't have swine flu. once he's all better i think you deserve a girl's night out, don't you?