Monday, September 14, 2009

my sweet, sweet pig

Sorry, guys. I'm beat. My beloved Dr. Krog has swine flu. Or H1N1, as they keep begging us to call it so that China will continue purchasing our hoggery. And lemme tell you, it is the roughest illness he's had in our 10 years together, including the time that he barfed like a mustard fire hose. Because that was just alcohol, but this is SERIOUS.

So I've got to care for two kids who can't be in the same room with their daddy, while trying to force that daddy to eat and drink and not just pour the whole bottle of Ibuprofen down his gullet and start chewing. And every time I deliver the soon-to-be-uneaten food to his clammy hands, I have to go boil my entire body in bleach and purify myself with flame. Oh, and our only TV is in the quarantine room with Dr. Krhogflu.

People, go wash your hands. Buy some more Purell. AVOID. AVOID.

Thank goodness for Etsy. If I couldn't brainlessly search for the perfect chunky necklace for fall, I think I'd go mad. Funny, isn't it, how we cope with insanity?


merveilleuse said...

that sounds horrible. :( i hope krog feels better soon! and i really hope you don't go insane.

Virginia Valerie said...

ooh, i'm so sorry! I hope he gets better soon and I hope no one else catches it!

Alicia Istanbul said...

Good gracious, that sounds terrible! I hope he feels better soon. Is the contagious period over? Good job protecting yourself and the little ones.

laterg8r said...

omg - i am soooo sorry to hear this! hope he gets better soon!

Caroline D. said...

Jeez. Hope he gets better soon. Is it really swine flu?

Did Cleo go to school this week or did you keep her home?

charissimo said...

I almost feel sorry enough for you to send you MY perfect chunky necklace. *Almost* :D

Hang in there, sweetie.