Thursday, September 17, 2009

i was hoping for ten stars

Biscuit: Mommy, guess how much I love you?
Me: Oh, I could never guess that.
Biscuit: NO, GUESS.
Me: I don't know. How much?
Biscuit: (holds arms out to the sides) I love you NINE!!!

A monologue:

Baby siiiiiister, baby siiiiiiister, I don't haaaaaave one, I have a brooooother.
You're a dot!
What's that mean?
It means you're good! Wait, are dots good?
Dots aren't really good or bad.
Then you're a dot. Look, a stick! A sticker! It doesn't stick! Is it still a sticker! Put this all around around around the wand. Mama? I want to watch Madagascar for a minute.
You can't, honey, daddy's sleeping in bed.
Because he's sick, remember?
No, he's not.
Why do you say that?
Because I want to watch my movie in there. What are these for? Are those too many movies?
No, those are disks with old pictures on them.
I usually want to watch a CD that's still in your computer. Baby brother, you are a nut. You are a busy dizzy. You are a popsicle. You are a dog diggle pickle riggle diggle. Will you put this on here for me? Oh, SANK YOU! Now I have to wrap it up. This isn't working. What do you want, Alyssa, the black one or the green one? Oh, the black one? Yes, try the black one. No, don't call me Chloe. There. See? Baby Pantaloon can sit on the green one. I want the black one! I want the black one! NO! Don't play with the blanket. Bad t.rex! I don't want you to pull out the blanket.
Oh, you are a bad baby brother.


miss. chief said...

my head just exploded

Caroline D. said...

no kidding, miss.chief, mine too.

and delilah, she totally loves you a 10.5. she just doesn't want you to get overconfident.

merlu said...

I want to be a dot, too!

Virginia Valerie said...

:-). This girl is TOTALLY your clone. Her vocabulary already surpasses mine.

jarvenpa said...

Oh, you are doing well to get the Biscuit's words down; I tried with my little ones (and even stole some for poetry: I mean, who could resist "my arms bend at the rainbows"?!)...but not everything. And believe it or not, you do start to forget the daily things when the youngsters are staggering into their 30's.
I hope the health giving fairies are dancing round your family now, and hitting Dr. Krog with wands. Oh, maybe not exactly hitting...