Thursday, August 27, 2009

why fall rox my soxx like a stone cold foxxx

Yeah, I really love Fall. With lots of X's, apparently.

It's my favorite season by far, followed by Spring, then Winter, then something else, then another thing, and then, last of all, Summer. Perhaps Summer is pleasant and exciting elsewhere in the world, but in Georgia, it's a lot like constantly walking through cabbage soup while small birds peck at your eyeballs.

But we're not talking about how much I hate Summer.

We're talking about how much I love Fall. Why? Glad you asked.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Fall

1. The way it feels. Cool, crisp air. Chilly breezes. Wearing a long skirt on a windy day. The way that the morning air rushes into my lungs and out into my nerves and sinews, making me feel new and refreshed.

2. The way it looks. Multi-hued trees waving against a cold, blue sky. Dark orange and chocolate brown and warm, golden yellow. Shiny red apples. Halloween decorations. Big piles of pumpkins on the street corners.

3. The way it smells. The smell of the crunchy leaves, fires on the air, pumpkin, cinnamon. The distinct scent of an early fall morning, where you can smell the cold promise of winter.

4. The way it sounds. Crunching leaves underfoot, rustling trees, the sound of children playing outside. The sound of leaves falling. No more freakin' crickets.

5. Preschool, which feels like 9 hours of freedom a week, baby.

6. Halloween, which is my favorite holiday by far. My child has thus far mentioned being a princess, a fairy, a ballerina, a crocodile, a pirate, and a scary monster with very long, sharp teeth.

7. Life is easier. The grass stops growing and leaves cover the yard, so I don't have to worry so much about cutting the lawn. I actually enjoy opening the windows and cleaning the house. I want to eat less and do more. I'm happier. I sleep better. Ahhh.

8. MY BIRTHDAY. Which means CAKE. And general merriment. And CAKE. And possibly ice skating or rock climbing or something. And CAKE.

9. Fall foods. Soups and stews and tea and pumpkin bread and salsa. Warm things. Spicy things. I always want to eat healthier in the fall. Everything tastes better. Yes, even vegetables.

10. It ain't Summer. I hate summer. I think Summer just utterly dulls my senses and makes me want to sit in front of an oscillating fan and eat animal crackers while I fan myself and surf the internet, which is totally lame. Summer makes me depressed, makes me stupid. Summer enervates. Fall energizes.

But Fall feels like hope and home and happiness and renewal and energy to me. Which is odd, I know, since it's more of an ending time as the leaves fall and everything prepares to go dormant in Winter. I have never found Fall to be depressing or sad in any way.

So that's why I'm counting down the days until October. For all that stuff, and then cake.


Jane said...

I'm with you! Fall is by far my favorite season. And like you, I love "fall cleaning." I open the windows wide and the cool, humid-less air gets me motivated!

tartchef said...

SO glad someone else understands my hatred of summer. Yes, it's fun when the tomatoes start coming in, and the wading pool's fun, but JESUS. Enough with the heat/cicadas/haze/endless fan cycles/strategic shuttering of windows. Viva la knee socks!

Ash said...

I love fall for all of those reasons and more, the only downside to fall in upstate NY is that it's closely followed by 5-6 months of blizzards, which are mildly depressing to try to shovel through no matter HOW pretty it looks from the window.

laterg8r said...

i love fall cool crisp days too :D halloween is awesome too! i may be old but summer is just too freakin HOT these days! :D

charissimo said...

I totally agree. I sweat in any weather above 80 degrees, and I do not sweat gracefully. I am red-faced and slick and people constantly ask me if I'm okay. Summer can suck it.

Anonymous said...

I've never lived in a place with real fall. The desert has post-summer and Cali has I-m-not-sure-what-to-call-but-it-ain't-fall.
But I totally see why you love it. I heart Halloween too!

Caroline D. said...

TOTALLY!!! This fall is going to be particularly awesome, i can feel it!

Do you think this fall we will finally have a girl's night out?