Saturday, August 1, 2009

where it's at

I got two small children and an Ice Dream cone...

1. I never really enjoyed Beck's music, but I did enjoy his turn on Futurama.

2. I'm on page 150/50k words on my book and don't really want to do anything except write, sleep, and eat Angus cheeseburgers.

3. My baby has a sniffle and sounds like a piglet. I track his movements around the house by following the growls and snorts.

4. I'm out of facial moisturizer.

5. I need more orange juice, which I prefer to drink straight from the carton.

6. My life has been overrun by princesses, and I don't approve.

7. My mom is on vacation at the beach, and I'm jealous.

8. Every morning I wake up and look outside and think, "It looks like Fall!", and then I'm really disappointed when it's 94 degrees by 10am.

9. U2 really gets on my nerves, as does Maroon 5, and so does pretty much every band that contains numbers, except for Ben Folds Five.

10. I feel guilty for not having the energy, time, or creativity to put into my blog right now, but honestly, I just want to write. I think I'll be done with the first draft within a week, and then I owe a really long, splashy, Photoshop-intensive post. Maybe something with cupcakes, Justin Timberlake, and t.rex naked or something.

Back to the writing board. Tap tap tap.


laterg8r said...

U2 gets on my nerves too - my dh says this is blasphemy and still hasn't forgiven me for not going to their concert!

Anonymous said...

wwaah, boo!

dr. krog

Anonymous said...

Good tracking skills. I love it when they make it easy.
Good luck on the writing.

3rdEyeMuse said...

that you've got the flow of words happening is excuse enough ... and the "where it's at"s made me snort (likely a similar sound to the littlest one).

robert d said...

2 kids and a hub and you put out 150pages/50k in 2 weeks. Amazing. I always knew you were an exceptional entity. I and others (think Asimov 2nd Foundation) anxiously await more details on your opus.

How do you say it in English - You go girl.

Jamais perdu,


kristin said...

you keep on writing that book woman! don't worry about us out here desperately looking for well illustrated blog posts.... ;)

so excited the book is coming along! :)

Caroline D. said...

how about Justin Timberlake naked with cupcake smeared on him? Yum!

I'm guessing you really really like the Plain White Tees, though, right? Am I right??