Sunday, August 30, 2009

the secret lives of fairies

Fairy Secret #71: Fairies like to eat a bunch of cake and run around dancing to a magical blue tutu that plays Blue Danube.


Fairy Secret #128: Fairies prefer Juicy Juice Fruit Punch when worshiping Farbie the Fairy Queen around a sacrificial purple pedestal made of an old quesadilla-maker box and a piece of fabric.


Fairy Secret #224: It is occasionally permissible for a fairy to sing with a mouth full of food if, in fact, it is that fairy's 3rd birthday party and she's really happy.


Fairy Secret #302: A fairy's brother is not particularly impressed by the party, but he would really like to get his pudgy hands on one of those pink balloons.


Fairy Secret # 386: Fairies enjoy fishing with their grandfathers using a Barbie fishing pole and special, flower-shaped Barbie tackle box. Hint, hint, Big Ben!


Fairy Secret #508: Fairies really like to roller skate with daddy while wearing their new Star Wars roller skates.


Fairy Secret #555: Sometimes a fairy's mother gets very tender and maudlin when she watches her best little buddy dancing alone in a sunbeam on her birthday. Sometimes a fairy's mother sniffles a little bit, to think of her sweet little Biscuit growing up and another year gone.


Caroline D. said...

that was very educational. Now I know a little more about my fairy.

they were so cute!!

Anonymous said...

Your such a great mom! I'm just amazed you threw a kids birthday party, hosting other three-year-olds. That's brave.
Great pics!

laterg8r said...

what a great party and sweet little girl :D

Alicia Istanbul said...

Aww, now you've gone and made me teary-eyed with that last one. Looks like she had the best birthday ever. And good job on the cake, mom.