Monday, August 31, 2009

the new new cruelty

Yet again, I turn over a new leaf.

Yet again, we begin The New Cruelty.

And all because of that picture up there.

Okay, no. I take that back. I'm doing it for a lot of reasons. But that picture is my main incentive, my definite catalyst. My Elba.


It looks like a pretty good picture. When you consider that my three-year-old took it using an old point-and-shoot camera, it's almost impressive.

"That's a good picture of me," I said.

"You look cute," my husband said.

And then I saw it.

The double chin.

One month off the wagon. One month of depression and inertia, eating whatever I wanted, doing no exercise, drinking no water. The scale says I haven't gained any weight, but there's a definite difference in the fat-to-muscle ratio.


I now hate this picture. This is not who I want to be. I may never be a "thin" girl. But I resolve to not have a double chin.

So I'm back on the wagon.

I will eat less than I want to.

I will eat more vegetables and protein.

I will eat less carbs and sugar.

I will drink nothing but water. Mostly.

I will exercise. Maybe not every day, but most days. I'm back on the Shred.

I will not eat after 8pm.

I will not bake.

I will succeed.


Virginia Valerie said...

Hey, more power to ya, Hottie. I'm all in favor of you know, being healthy and stuff. But for the life of me, I seriously cannot detect this double chin you speak of. I even clicked on the picture and looked closely. I see no double chin. Are you sure it's not that strand of your hair that's creating the illusion?

Also, it's a good picture of you. And you're pretty. And cute. Et cetera.

Love ya!

Cleo's Nina said...

can the "mother-creature" who spawned you get in on some of the exercise/walking action?I have a couple of things that can help us both, as you know. TIMIMNG (and spelling) is everything.
nina the huge

faemom said...

Woo-hoo. You go!
I plan to sit here and watch, trying not to tempt you to the dark side. Mmm, brownie. Sorry. Force of habit.

Jane said...

I'm with Valerie, I can't see it. I think maybe it isn't exercise but a visit to the eye doctor that you need. I think you look fantastic!

Alicia Istanbul said...

I think you look beautiful. But a 20-minute daily shred, lots of water, and a clean diet never hurt anyone.

Anonymous said...

I see no double chin. And even if you have one, you should be happy. Did I ever tell you about my friend Dan who didn't have a chin. Sad. His face just disappeared after his lips.

And I also have a friend named Dave who has 8 chins. He's dangerously underweight, but he has 8 chins and 3 bellies and one giant walrus mustache.

I think you guys used to date.