Friday, August 28, 2009

my biscuit is free

At least, that's what she says when she holds up three fingers and proclaims her age

Three years ago today, I was pumped full of drugs and dragging an IV pole behind me as I recovered from an unwanted c-section and snuggled my willful and mercurial little dude, who insisted on entering the world butt-first.

And now I have one of these.

Happy Berfday, Biscuits!

And thanks, Aunt Val, for the hooker socks and cupcake belts, which have become princess crowns. You totally made her day yesterday!

And she likes to carry around the frog card and say, "This is my card. It has a frawg. But he's all black." Kids these days, with their technicolor sitcoms. Don't know what to do with good, ol' fashioned French black-and-white photography.


laterg8r said...

congrats - super funny pic :D

Jane said...

Great picture! And happy birthday wishes, too!

Virginia Valerie said...

He he! Yay!! So happy that the Biscuit is having a great birthday!

EttyOop said...

Happy Birthday to the BISCUIT! :-)

Anonymous said...

Cute picture! Happy Birthday to the Biscuit.