Saturday, August 8, 2009

book. marks.

I got no camera. I got no flip. I can't show you what passes for decent photography in my house, which is a crummy photograph with a point-and-shoot that has been Photoshopped within an inch of my own my life.

No, I'm giving you the height of excitement: a screen shot of my Bookmarks.

Stop peeing your pants there, buddy. It'll be okay. I know you haven't been this excited since they started making mini bagels.

See, I have this exact sort of path I follow every morning. I know most of you do, too, that you can't be complete unless you check a long string of websites, blogs, and email. The dog I had growing up had to do the same thing every time she took a crap, check the same trees and bushes, make sure no one else had crapped there in the night, whatever dogs do. But I simply feel incomplete and anxious each morning until it's done.

I start with email, my main address and the one connected to Etsy and Paypal. Then I start at the top of those Bookmarks and work my way down. After I've gone through MamaBargains, I leave the Bookmarks and go to Shnoop, Woot, Twitter, FailBlog, and Facebook. Then I go through my friends' blogs: BrightCaroline, ReturningtoCenter, Lostview Farm, Disposable Aardvarks, etc. From the now defunct link to Midnight Sun and downward, those are just things I don't want to lose. I mean, I don't go reading the recipe for Weight Watchers vegetable soup every day.

I'm not that crazy.

But I've got to finish the Bookmarks and blaze the trail.

Only then can I feel free to start working on the book, commenting on Facebook, or tending to my children, who are always annoyingly hungry in the morning.


I finished my first draft last night and am ready to start editing. And I have two "test cases" who have agreed to do a read-through of the edited draft and offer feedback before I start contacting agents. I'm terrified of letting anyone besides my dear Dr. Krog read my baby, because if they don't like it, I'll have to move into the attic and become a crazy cat lady, and that's not really going to work with my current life. It would be very Miss-Havisham-wrote-a-book-and-it-sucked, and nobody wants that. Off to page 1!

Oh, yeah. and feeding the kids.


laterg8r said...

so glad you have finished your book - WTG - that is a HUGE accomplishment!

Frogs Mom said...

Leave the 90s. Use an RSS feeder for your blogs. I like Google Reader. It changed my life.

3rdEyeMuse said...

does anyone else think that happened super fast?!? I am so impressed that you're already doing first edits. congrats!

Virginia Valerie said...

I agree this was super fast book writing. Can't wait to read it, whenever you want to show it! Though I'm not a good editor, unfortunately.

charissimo said...

I always get excited when the Unruly Helpmeet gives me a shout out on her blog.

I'm psyched for your book. Let the people read it, sister! Do not protect them from your genius!

jarvenpa said...

That was quick! I look forward to seeing your book someday.

Athena said...

Yeah...what Charissimo said!!!!

I wish I lived closer. I want to read your book :-(

And I too amd a creature of internet habit. Every morning, same ole path through blogs and emails. And coffee. Lots of it.

Caroline D. said...

you will be happy to note tomorrow morning- er, this morning, that I have a new blog post. But I warn you, it's full of whining.

I believe these test readers are very excited to read your book. I bet they are regular readers of your blog who think you are hilarious and heartfelt and apropos. ok it's 12:22am so don't ask me what I meant by that. I bet it makes sense to someone.

I also believe either the world at large will love what you have written or they can suck it. collectively.

Anonymous said...

YEA for the book! That's so awesome.

I miss my bookmarks. Mine are trapped inside a deamon eating my laptop. Thanks for reminding me when I was on the path of recovery. I'm going to cry now.