Monday, July 13, 2009

your opinion needed!

Friends, I would like to solicit your opinion. Please help me.

I would like to write a book.

Working on Dr. Krog's project has made me feel intelligent, witty, clever, funny, and just generally useful. I had forgotten how good that felt. And I want MORE. Income would also help.

But I'm not sure what to write. Seriously. No clue.

I have momentum, energy, drive, and talent. And no idea what to do with it.


I thank you in advance, and I will pay you back somehow. What do you want in return? My famous pumpkin cake? The elusive pictures from my night as a public bellydancer? My most embarrassing story ever?

Let me know on both counts, s'il vous plait.


Caroline D. said...

this is tough. clearly you have a talent for blogging: writing, photoshopping, laughter-inducing, soapbox-standing, randoming, and so on. I think you should promote the shit outta your blog and get all rich and famous like that.

does it have to be writing? can it be drawring awesome designs for me? I can make you rich. Possibly. Well, we'll just have to see about that...

What would you write a book about?

stinestrain said...

I already have the belly dancing pics. MWHAHAHAH.

Laura said...

you can write about me.
but wait.
that might be too sad of a book.

resolute twig said...

I think you clearly have talent for writing, especially with making people laugh. I say go for it! Topic is a tough question and though its cliché I think I would stick with what you know. Maybe write about a young happily married woman who has lots of ambition with two little kids trying to figure out how to balance it all and live the life she wants. I mean that is why people love your blog, its funny and entertaining, but also truthful and about things we relate to.

Also I am also married to a psychologist (still in grad school) and feel your pain when it comes to his projects taking over your life. I have an editing background so when my husband needs 20 pages edited out of his thesis to get it the right length for publication that job tends to fall to me.

Anyway good luck! And you can totally do it.
Just find some story line that you are passionate about and some characters that you love and relate to.
I would buy it! :)

bibliophiliac said...

I would encourage you to consider what you are most passionate about writing, since the subject you pick will consume a lot of time, energy, and thinking. What fascinates you? About what are you most knowledgeable?

Consider whether you want to write fiction or non-fiction. Peruse your previous writing (journals or blogs) to get ideas. What type of books do you enjoy reading (and/or could you see yourself writing)?

I can easily imagine you publishing a collection of non-fiction humorous short stories with a memoir feel, similar to the writing of David Sedaris. You could base these anecdotes and essays on amusing events from your life, perhaps embellishing them slightly for reader enjoyment.

I wish you all the best. You are a great writer.

Jennifer said...

I think you should carry around a notebook at all times and write down anything at all that inspires you. Maybe you'll be able to find the theme there and/or create characters, etc. Don't know if you are talking fiction or non-fiction. Maybe try and find a writing class or something are a brilliant writer already but you never know what nuggets you may find in a formal class.

charissimo said...

Wait, we haven't heard your most embarrassing story ever already? Man, this is gonna be good.

Fiction or non-fiction? Send me off in one direction or the other and I'll think about it.

3rdEyeMuse said...

I second Jennifer's suggestion ... and "the Tao of Cephalopods" is in serious need of being written ... just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Dude. Tao of the Cephalopods does sound totally sweet.

-Dr. Krog

Nonnie said...

Of course you can write a book. You are articulate,funny and able to hold a reader's attention. I just read an interview with Elmore Leonard in AARP magazine (where did I put the keys to the geezer bus?). I'm not saying that he is a "Great American Writer", but his books keep one wondering what's going to happen next, and he gets the dialogue right. Remember "Get Shorty"? He said he starts with a character or two, but not a plot. He lets the characters lead him into the story. You write it and I'll buy it. Promise.

juliadomna said...

You're so good at writing the chaos of everyday life but keeping it funny... How about a book of humorous essays?

Anonymous said...

You're so talented when it comes to writing about the chaos of everyday life in a hilarious way- what about a book of humorous essays?

M family said...

I was watching the special about J.K. Rowling and thought about you ... that will be so cool to say that I used to read your blog before you became big, fancy writer ;)

My two cents: ditto those that say to write about what you are passionate about and also, think about what you like to read and maybe that will give you some reference of what to write.

If it matters, I like reading anything from Dan Brown to A.J. Cronin, as long as it is captivating.