Friday, July 3, 2009

Dr. Mrs. the Dr. Krog

Something amazing happened today.

I got to be Dr. Krog.


See, he's working on a big project, and he has requested my help, but I can only help him if he removes the children from the zip code, because I can't think if I hear their little voices because their presence automatically squashes my brain into a Dixie cup.

So today, he woke up with the kids and entertained them for FIVE HOURS while I worked in a quiet, cool house. A silent house. While enjoying meals and actually tasting them and savoring a cup of coffee that only had to be reheated ONCE. And then he brought me a cheeseburger!


The only way this deal could be any sweeter would be if I could literally hand him my mammary glands and take my laptop to a quiet beach with clear, blue water and good snorkeling. And then go horseback riding.

And now, to continue being Dr. Krog, I am going to crawl into bed and go to sleep before midnight. If only I had testicles. Aaaaaahhhhhh.


Virginia Valerie said...

handing over your mammary glands would totally make the horseback riding easier. testicles would not. happy medium?

so... this mysterious project... does it have to do with editing?

glad you're getting some good brain time. :-)

Athena said...

Something tells me having testicles is not all it's cracked up to be.

I have a reallllly long, funny story about testicles and testosterone and feminism and blah b lah blah and a This American Life episode that I love....but it is much funnier and more poignant in person so it will have to wait til spring. Sorry for the tease.

Caroline D. said...

that's so awesome! Isn't it funny how different it is when you are alone? I miss aloneness.

ps your labels cracked me up