Saturday, July 25, 2009

d von kat

With a synchronicity I've come to expect, my week included both my introduction to LA Ink/Kat Von D *and* my first experience with henna.

I think that I could have been a slightly pudgier version of Kat in another life. If I had had something to rebel against or if my father had been a little less conservative, maybe. As it is, my three tattoos are small and hidden. But sometimes I dream of making my skin a canvas, learning to sling ink, and generally looking like a rock star/elf queen most of the time.

Maybe that's why henna appeals so much. You get to draw and make intricate, interesting masterpieces, but they're temporary, so it's not the end of the world if you mess up. I like the idea of art with an egg timer, an ephemeral sort of genius.

I did a mandela on my friend Christine's belly, and then she gave me the leftover henna to enjoy. I did my left hand as shown above, and then this morning, I did my feet.

Following my dream about tattooing/dancing with/ baking with Brian Setzer, it all just fit together like one simply elegant Care Bears puzzle from the Dollar Store.

Okay, maybe not a Care Bears puzzle, which I happen to be regarding with a lazy eyebrow on my coffee table. But definitely a simply elegant puzzle of some sort.

Maybe one of those ones old ladies do that include 890 pieces of clear blue sky.


Virginia Valerie said...

j'adore kat von d. I got Justin the vampy bikini poster of her in all her tatooey glory. That chick is pretty rad.

Also, your henna is awesome! said...

Hey your pretty good at that you should do it on the sly
People love getting it.
I have a henna style tat
going to get more in that style always loved it.

laterg8r said...

love the temporary henna art too - great job on your feet :)

3rdEyeMuse said...

oooh! love the designs on your feet ... especially your right foot. :)

carma said...

I have got to look into Henna in order to possibly do a little body art to complement my belly dance duds...can you just paint it on - or does it work as some type of transfer. I've only ever seen it done at the local amusement park in passing and didn't pay much attention.

The tattoos you did on your feet are beautiful.

Oh, and I hope the sword was well worth the trip!!

faemom said...

In collage, the guys talked about a world of nudity; and I felt if we went that way I would have to be cover in tatoos to survie in the colorlessness.
Great job on the henna. It looks awesome.