Sunday, July 19, 2009


Dr. Krog takes such good care of me.

Do you know what he did last week? He bought me this.

And now I can draw all over my sweet baboo with graffiti.

Or go to the trouble of handwriting something that I could type in 8 seconds.

Other really nice things he's done for me lately:

* bought me season 1 of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares so I can actually see an entire episode at some point.

* bought Clash of the Titans, so we can watch it and laugh a lot, but also really love it and be kinda nostalgic

* took me to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, which I think was the best HP yet, and which I wish was a 9 hours long

* took the kids out so I could do some work

* took me out for chicken wings when I desperately required chicken wings

* is really nice to me all the time

* took out 1 bag of overflowing garbage, 3 paper bags of recycling, and 3 grocery bags of diapers, and then dragged the big trash can up to the top of the driveway, which he actually hasn't done yet, but he's going to, and I thank him for it.

We're both working on projects, and the house is a wreck, and the laundry is done but not put up, and my last cooking effort was a FAIL, but we're having the best time of our lives.

Dr. Krog, you rock. You krogodile rock. You just freakin' rock, man.

love, d.


stinestrain said...

yeah, but now draw something in one of your fancy handwritings ;)

Anonymous said...

That was a super cute post.

carma said...

I had to stop reading after "is really nice to me all the time" because I am now insanely jealous :D Man, you got a good "catch!"

carma said...

do people say "man" and "catch" anymore or am I dating myself??c

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

They do say "man" and "catch", as well as "neat-o" and "23-skidoo".

At least they do at our house.