Saturday, June 6, 2009

oh, what a night! (understudy edition)

Dr. Crog lost his phone again, so I was unable to capture the insane perfection of our date together to flounce it around in your face and shout, "NEENER NEENER NEENER!", so i've chosen to recreate our evening through amended photos nabbed from Google Images.

That image up there shows the gorgeous balcony where we canoodled and had a fascinating, passionate conversation, except that it was in June, in the evening, on a porch swing, and there were 47 baby birds above our heads, singing (shouting) to the heavens as if to say, "What a glorious evening, heavens be praised!" (or, FOR CHRISSAKES, DAD, BRING US SOME CHEWED UP WORMS!)

Kinda like this.

And as we gently rocked on the porch swing overlooking historic Canton Street, drinking wine, I ate the most sinfully delicious red velvet cupcake i've ever had. This mighty specimen perfectly balanced moist, red cake with just the right amount of delectable icing. Seriously, the cake-to-icing ratio was perfect, there were gorgeous sprinkles on it, and the cream cheese wasn't too overbearing. I sing paeans to this cupcake, which was strikingly presented on a gorgeous, black-and-white damask plate.

Somewhat like this.

Many thanks to Party Chic at KellyKakes for existing.

Also, please don't tell Darcy that I cheated on her, or she might not continue her Cupcake Drive-Thru Service for Maddeningly Hungry Cake Lovers with Sleeping Babies.

Now, back to our date.

We began at Red Salt Pub, a restaurant that is wonderful for several reasons.

1. It has outdoor seating with free parking next door. I love sitting outside and watching people. It's like being at the circus, but without all the hot dog smell.

2. It offers a wide selection of beer and burgers to placate Dr. Crog, while I am afforded a decent wine list and intriguing menu. One of my main delights in dining is any menu that doesn't involve me choosing side dishes. I want a full package of various things that explode perfectly in the mouth.

There is no way to say that sentence that doesn't sound vulgar. Believe me. I tried.

But you know what I mean.

3. I was able to read a sign across the street that promised cake on a charming balcony. Honestly, do any words in the English language appeal so much as cake + wine + balcony? I think not.

Wait, let me try. Beignets + cafe au lait + starlight. Sleeping in + rain + coffee. Sunday + horse + gallop + forest. New book + chaise lounge. Studio + canvas + Gnarls Barkley. Ocean + boat + cold Chips Ahoy.

Yeah, I could do that all day.

Anyway, here is my closest rendition of our meal at Red Salt, which has really lovely wood all over it, including heavy doors and lots of brass. Verra manly.

Wow, the picture was a lot bigger than that in Photoshop. Thanks for the shrinky-dink, Blogger! If you click on it, you can read all the clever comments and really enjoy my lame attempt at Photoshopped humor. Like Dr. Crog's smile.

He doesn't actually smile like that, you know.

In any case, it was the most wonderfully delicious hour-and-a-half, engaging all my senses and making me feel truly thankful for every moment of existence. Many thanks to Dr. Crog for taking me out and humoring me, to my beloved mom for watching my kids, and to the Biscuit, who took a look at my new skirt and told me she liked my "Big girl shorts".


Caroline D. said...

Wait- that was photoshopped? I totally recognized you and Dr. Crog.

I WANT TO GO!! I want a new skirt and a date and wine and people watching and, and, and

As some would say, *le sigh*

As others would say "get off your ass and do it already, you silly woman."

Lynn said...

Cliff Huxtable! You are so funny! That sounds like a great date, especially the red cake.