Saturday, June 20, 2009

mutant love in an elevator

Okay, so it's not love.

It's "teeny-bopper crush on manly militant mutants".

I saw the elevator scene in X-Men Origins: Wolverine: The Part Where They Make Him Even More Invincible and Hairy today and turned to Dr. Krog with goggly eyes and excitedly said, "I am SO Photoshopping myself into that scene!"

And I couldn't find a screenshot of that exact scene, but this picture is even better, because it includes Gambit, (aka. DNA Lovechild of Early 90's Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio) and omits Busey-Like Jerk from Lost and Black Guy in Cowboy Hat, who were not crush-worthy characters.

Oh, yeah. In case you missed my invisible lead-in, I took Dr. Krog to our first solo movie since November to celebrate Father's Day. (THANKS, Nina and Big Ben!) Before kids, we saw nearly every non-chick-flick that came out in the theater. We dearly miss our movies, mainly because we like to sit in cold, dark places and make jokes and giggle together.

Sure, we saw Zack and Miri Make a Porno with our 2-week old baby, but I spent half the movie going Amazon with a sleeping newborn snoring gently on my chest, so it doesn't really count.

And without spoilerz, I assure you that Wolverine was the perfect choice. Fine holiday fun. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

It had everything I need in an action movie. Here's my checklist:

* Hero Walks Away from Fire in Slow Motion
* Evil Guy's Plan Has a Dastardly Twist That He'd Like To Reveal in a Speech
* CGI Fight with Obvious Wire Work, Harkening Back to Charlie's Angels
* Hot Southern Guy in Tailcoat Kills With Possessed Playing Cards and Fancy Cane
* Bullet's Eye View, Including the Bullet's Casing, Which is Actually Impossible
* What a Lovely Relationship, That Chick is Gonna Die Soon
* Patrick Stewart Has a Cameo, and I Secretly Hope He'll Say "Make It So", But He Doesn't
* Ryan Reynolds Plays Ryan Reynolds and Makes Me Laugh and Slobber A Little.

In other news about how awesome my day was, I wore my favorite "skinny jeans" for the first time in over a year. And I was even able to breathe!

And the scale said 148, which is awesome, because on April 29, it said 162.6. So that's 14.6 pounds in 53 days of diet and 10 days of shredding. My goal was 150, and I hereby set a new goal of 140. My self-gift for getting to 150 was this gorgeous necklace by my friend Alicia Istanbul, which I need to go ahead and order, and now I want some black cowboy boots when I hit my next goal.

Life is good, my friends. Life is good.


MindfulMama said...

you rule delilah. and you look fantastic and beautiful and I am so so so happy for you (and I can only truly admit that because I, too, am dropping mad pounds and can therefore not be bitter and pissy about your hard work and results).

whew. issues.

Virginia Valerie said...

Hey Hottie, you are lookin fine in your hot jeans!! And you make me laugh! A lethal combination. :-) Ah love the relationship is too good to be true so the girl is going to have to bite it part. He he! and the bad guy needs to tell of his dastardly plan in a speech... why does that always happen? :-)

also love your hero pic. you fit right in.

stinestrain said...

totally awesome!!!! you rock :D

Virginia Valerie said...

oh and by the way, your jeans picture SOO does *not* count as a "this is my new haircut" picture!!

gardengirl said...

You have given me hope- 2 weeks of jazzercise and no dieting and I feel better but the scale hasn't budged. You are my inspiration!!!

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

I have a post planned, Val, to include both the new haircut and a lovely surprise gift from a very dear friend that is being enjoyed by the whole family. Later today, perhaps.

Thanks, guys!

charissimo said...

Totally gorgeouso.

laterg8r said...

i love that you photoshopped yourself into that picture. hugh jackman is some HOTNESS! if i knew how to use my @#$@#$ photoshop without wanting to jam a pen in my eye, i'd do it too.

ps - congrats on droppin the lbs

Anonymous said...

What an awesome day! Way to go with that diet and shredding. I wish I was that committed.

Caroline D. said...

dude, the photoshopping is so awesome. I have to think of someplace I want you to photoshop me.

Shannon, PHAT Mommy said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Love this post - I wanted to see this movie, but missed it when it was out. Can't wait to Netflix it.

The Rambler said...

Awesome job on the weight loss!

Good review on Wolverine too :) Love Ryan Reynold. He made me laugh and slobber too :)

Stopping by from SITS on Happy Saturday Sharefest...?? was that right? :)

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

This is such a fun blog. I've been walking around for the last hour singing my own little rap song - I've got junk in my trunk going thunk, thunk, thunk. I've got junk in my trunk going thunk, thunk, thunk.

Yes, I am getting some strange looks seeing as I'm still at work, but it's not like they can't SEE the junk in my trunk, so I think they'll understand.