Friday, June 5, 2009

me! me! MEEEEE!

This morning, Jen at twittered about this shirt by Carrie at Bright Shop inspired by this post about how moms have lost dominion over their possessions, including cupcakes.

She has 343,428 followers.

Of those, i'm guessing 50,000 might actually read the twits. And they all saw my name, and at least 1800 went to view the shirt in Carrie's Etsy shop.

Despite the desperate sleep deprivation that has made my day a morass of hunger, chatter, and frustration, I have been constantly swooning all day long. On the inside.

Also, a little tip: don't tell your mom you're sleep deprived, or she'll tell you to be thankful that you don't live in Kenya. Meaning i'm apparently not outwardly thankful enough for my life. Meaning that The Fresh Prince was right when he told us all that parents just don't understand.


Jen said...

Delilah, you're totally cracking me up. Dare I even tell you your Sweet submission is getting posted this Sunday? No, best not. ;)

Anonymous said...


delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

Oh, mama. No offense meant there. I've got plenty of flaws, but being unthankful isn't one of them. I probably show you my worst sides, which is my own fault.

One of my faults is that I complain too much. Another is that i'm too defensive. And a third is that i'm still sleep deprived and thus at my worst.

But I love my mom!

Lynn said...

Hey, how cool is THAT? I feel all giddy on your behalf. Does that first comment mean that you sent in a submission and she's putting it on Sunday Sweets? (I'll never see a bakery carrot cake without imagining carrot jockeys on it til the day I die)

Still feeling for you about the sleep deprivation. It's pure torture, no matter how great the rest of your life is.

Caroline D. said...

LOL there are many ways the Fresh Prince has given a voice to my feelings.

And that was the coolest, wasn't it!?!? At last check we had 2000 views. I got an inquiry as to whether we can print it in a bigger size, and it made me feel bad, because we are doing this for the moms and so we should have a wide array of flattering cuts so I'm spending too much time trying to find other shirts to accommodate and now I'm just plain rambling on and on