Monday, June 22, 2009


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I have found the antidote!

I now know how to shred without dreaming of 65 ways to kill Jillian!

Simply turn on a CD to drown her out!

Seriously. I turned on my utterly ignored Justin Timberlake album (thanks, Dr. Krog, Christmas 2006) and found it the perfect antidote to pretty much everything Jillian says. And the cardio is a lot easier if i'm rockin' out. And I laugh a lot more when Dr. Krog tries to sing along but imagines that all the lyrics involve the word "chocolate".

It's the little, sweaty victories.


Virginia Valerie said...

nice! and fantastic photoshopping, my friend!

PS. I admit, I like nsync. There i said it. The kid has talent.

Misty said...

You go girl! :-)

Anonymous said...

Super smart. Brilliant.

Beth said...

Oh, thanks for the tip! I did my first day of shredding yesterday, and I thought I might die. Today I hurt all over. The music is a great idea.

carma said...

"Bring it on down to shutup ville!" LOLOL
Love that JT skit on SNL and you've found the perfect use for it in this here photoshopped pic. I still love to rock out to SexyBack although my son forbids me to sing so it's not really rockin' out

Caroline D. said...

You are leading me into shredding... I think one of these days I may just start.