Saturday, June 6, 2009

6 unimportant pangolins

The delightful Carma at graced me with this awesome and extraordinary award for being Extraordinary and Awesome.

I totally accept. With only a small, annoying speech and and without a bizarre swan dress.

And as part of the blog-tag-award, I must force The 6 Unimportant Things Meme upon you.

1. Pangolins are amazing little creatures. That's one, up there at the top, hanging from a branch. They are the only mammals with scales, which are made of keratin. They don't have teeth. Their tongues extend into the abdominal cavity. And certain folks in China believe that killing a pangolin and eating its scales will help a nursing woman keep up her milk supply. And I thought fenugreek tasted bad! Ba-dum-chee!

2. I hate tuna, capers, cooked apples, olives, and figs.

3. When I get drunk, I speak French. Also when I was on narcotics during labor.

4. Last night I dreamt that we were considering renting an apartment in the basement of a Wal*Mart, but we had to audition by sleeping on a bed on a platform in the actual store, and we couldn't go to sleep because people kept trying to order sub sandwiches from us. Then I found paleolithic crayon drawings on a shelf and was awarded a scientific prize.

5. I lost 9 pounds last month and can fit in my favorite jeans again. Putting a digital scale by the fridge was a definite breakthrough.

6. I'm supposed to make brownies for a neighborhood pool party today, but I don't want to, because i'll want to eat all the batter, and that's not good for #5. I love brownie batter. And also brownies. Next time, i'm signing up to bring tuna and capers.

And now, on to taggery.

I present the Extraordinary and Awesome Award to:

* Confessions of a METROMama

* Bright Caroline

* edward and lilly

Go forth and Meme!

And thanks, Carma!


MindfulMama said...

oh yay! believe it or not, this is the best thing that's happened to me all day. god that's sad. but yay!

does that mean I get to put that icon on the side of my blog? yahoo!

Virginia Valerie said...

Do you ever wonder if one day your kids will look at you for the first time and say "Wow, Mom!" You've got way more talent than any single person should possess. Plus your brain works. Like all the parts are wired together. And they talk to each other. And you notice things. And you remember every cultural reference you've ever encountered. I go thru my days and hear things from other people that I read in your blog, but that didn't make sense then. And then it all makes sense! You might just be a robot. A very passionate, talented alien robot.

Caroline D. said...

Thanks! I will do my part and continue the time-honored tradition of the internet-blog-award-meme.

And I agree with Virginia, that you are a talented, passionate alien robot.

And I am going to try the scale-by-the-fridge thing. Though, now that I think about it, I will put it next to the pantry (a difference of about 3.5 inches) cause it's the barbecue chips and dark chocolate that get me.