Sunday, May 3, 2009

shameless plug with sad cherries on top

So remember this post where I talked about how horrible it was that my daughter stole and devoured my cupcake while I was being plagued by an errant roofer?

'Course you do.

And remember this chick, who is very cool and owns this Etsy shop and makes totally adorable clothes?

'Course you do.

Well, now we've gotten together and fussed around to give online, artsy birth to this completely awesome shirt:

I have a green one and a teal one, and I wore them both to the La Leche League conference this past weekend, because I firmly believe that every hip mom should own one. And you can, too!

You can buy one here.

You know you want one.

And you also know that we have diabolical plans for more.

Coming this week: impending doom, non-diabolical plans, a movie review, and a pet parade.

p.s. Thanks for being nice to Dr. Krog in my absence. I think he's utterly hilarious, and I especially like his MS Paint piece, and I brought everyone chunks of the Thrall, and even though they look like slices of raw chicken, they are totally legit.


Virginia Valerie said...

OMG I love this shirt. Glad you had a good time at the conference. Missed your online presence while you were gone!

Jenny Penny said...

I can already think of three other moms that have discussed this very issue with me in the past month: having to hide in closets with our food, or cram giant mouthfuls when our kids are in the bathroom or looking the other way. Love the t-shirt. I will now follow the link and forward it!

Eoywin said...

oooh I want one! (and a cupcake)