Friday, May 8, 2009

jungle party manifest destiny

You know how sometimes you receive a gift, and it's not applicable at the time, so you set it aside for later, and you totally forget about it, and then one day, you remember it, and it's perfectly applicable?

That totally happened to me yesterday!

My Uncle Lee, Aunt Tammy, and Cousin Andi sent a marvelous gift for t.rex right after he was born-- a singing, blinking, swinging Party-in-the-Jungle toy. Of course, newborn babies just lay there and look scrunchy, so we put it in the basement and waited for the lad to bloom.

And bloom he did!

So we pulled it out of the box yesterday, and the Biscuit used her engineering skills to help me put it together. We call it Jungle Party.

There were lots of parts.

Lots and lots of parts. Even screws. Lots of screws. Nothing like having a packet of screws around a baby.

And we finally achieved putted-it-together-ing-ness. And it was good.

Good for the Biscuit, who discovered that it is her favorite toy of all time.

Poor t.rex didn't get exclusive rights until she was dragged, kicking and shrieking, to bed.

And he liked it, too!

My hope is that he will be so enticed by Jungle Party's magic that he'll start sitting up.

Because when he sits up, he can enjoy the amazing supervised childcare at The Coffee Park.

And then I can go back to finishing an entire chai latte while it's still hot and reading the new Charlaine Harris book and designing t-shirts with Carrie and chatting with Heidi without making her hold my baby all the time.

That's gonna be sweet!

So thank you, Lee and Tammy and Andi. You picked a winner!

Also, here's a gratuitous baby shot.

Just because baby butt as manifest destiny is a good way to end the night.


stinestrain said...

that toy is SO COOL.

Virginia Valerie said...

I think you need to take a video of this toy in action. And the baby is cute. CUUUUTTEEEEEEE!

carma said...

Isn't it great when a plan comes together !

Jenny Penny said...

Toy: cute
Baby butt with a flag on it: cuter

Caroline D. said...

"Just because baby butt as manifest destiny is a good way to end the night."

I'm glad I saw this after the hummer-santa-giant-tiki-head post. I was worried about nightmares, is all.