Sunday, May 31, 2009

instant fishinger

My Yahoo made that little *POP!* noise, and here is what ensued:

unchangingsalmon (1:42 PM): Today is suicide awareness day! Were you aware that suicide is always painless, and some people say often quite pleasurable? You should try it? SUICIDE AWARENESS!
d (1:43 PM): well, that's different.
unchangingsalmon (1:43 PM): Who this?
d (1:43 PM): if you don't know, why did you message me? stupid fish.
unchangingsalmon (1:44 PM): I never did

Anyway, if you know "unchangingsalmon", please stage some sort of intervention.

That salmon CLEARLY needs to change.


Leslie said...

Shoot me in the head dead with an axe, that's so depressing. That would seriously piss me off, just as it apparently, with go reason, tweaked you.

You say you don't even know the person that sent it, I hate when that happens.

As if I would need more awareness of suicide with a sister who took her own life as a memory... Meh!

Virginia Valerie said...

ZOMG Awesome random message!!!


Jillian said...

You were Hatsbied... Looky here:

delilah, the unruly helpmeet said...

Oh, Jillian, that's fabulous. I never got Rick Rolled, so i'm glad i got slapped with a salmon.

Lordyloo, a little randomness does a body good.

Caroline D. said...

that's hilarious

carma said...

This is even more confusing than my Not Me Monday!!

Anonymous said...

Or you could just send him the lyrics to the Mash theme song.