Tuesday, May 12, 2009

blog does not relate

Life is never mundane for me. But some days are a bit quotidian, for the outside observer. Still, it's the little victories. The tiny tableaux that keep me sane and smiling.

Like this image of the Biscuit, dancing to a song she made up about her brother.

And continuing with the silly dance. I had to add the shirt, for propriety's sake, and the grass skirt and flower garland just happened. Sorry.

I suppose I gave up on being serious a long time ago. I wasn't good at it. I lack a sense of legerdemain. I laugh at inopportune times. I smack of the goof.

And I cackle at the movies. I cackle so loudly that it makes other people laugh when they're teetering on the edge of laughing. Sometimes, i'll cackle in a restaurant and cause someone to spill their soup.

And i'm okay with that.

This is my daughter's version of babywearing, by the way. That godforsaken, cupcake-stealing dinosaur-dragon resting snugly in the bosom of my freshly washed workout top.

And this is her version of cooking. Mixing up all the Play-doh colors and lovingly placing them into cupcake wrappers for me to enjoy. A bit similar to my cooking, actually, although yesterday's coconut curry and chole saag were divine.

We made muffins today for Birthday Day at school tomorrow, but i'm guessing the kids will mistake them for pine cones. Turns out i'm that jerk mom who sends in whole wheat and oatmeal banana muffins sweetened with applesauce.

You'll thank me when your kid takes a 2-pound crap.

But I digress.

I suppose what i'm trying to say is that there is no unifying theme today, because my day had no unifying theme, or hilarious spectacle, or insightful vision. It was just a day like any other, full of small, beautiful moments that are gone forever. Because while I have a great memory for facts and poetry, I have a very poor memory for moments.

That's why i'm so thankful for this blog-- 3 years of tiny moments that would be otherwise lost forever, most of them scribbled over with speech balloons and bright green arrows and pictures of the Goblin King.


katiri said...

these are the days you can't quite remember otherwise. a blurry happiness, tiredness, I know it!

Cranky Mama said...

Those parents will LOVE you when they pick their kid up and they aren't all jonesed out and happy/sad on their sugar high and subsequent big time crash.

stinestrain said...

the 2 pound crap line made ME cackle!

you do have an infectious cackle I guess. better than an infectious cockle.

Virginia Valerie said...

PS I love Airplane too.

Also, in Star Trek the other night, I was the only one laughing out loud! Dude, don't these people know the backstory? Dr. J was away at a conference, and he reported the same thing when he came back about his star trek viewing. I totally LOL at teh movies.

Caroline D. said...

awesome. Isabel does the same babywearing thing with my bras and sleep-eye-covery thing. What the hell is that called? you know, like you wear on the airplane??