Thursday, May 14, 2009

beware me

I woke up with a pink, irritated eyeball and eyelashes glued together like Aeon Flux on a fly farm. The above image was taken by government scientists after the careful application of a hot, wet paper towel. Until then, I just squinted, and my toddler asked if I was a pirate. Two points!

As you know from previous posts, there are only 3 possibilities.

1. I've yet again forgotten my allergies,
2. There is/was something stuck in my eye, or

In any case, it's Thursday, so i'm off for my weekly brain latte.

I mean chai latte. Chai, not brains. Never brains.

Never sweet, luscious, delicious, scrumptious brains.



Spotted Sparrow said...

Tag, you're it! If you'd like to play, please come visit my blog. :)

ChicagoSane said...

MMmm brain latte.

Hold the sugar, please.