Monday, April 27, 2009

tidbits and dasypodidae

Want some tidbits?

Sure you do.

1. My buddy Alicia Istanbul, who makes outrageously lovely jewelry on Etsy, has been kicked off Facebook because her last name is Istanbul. Like, on her birth certificate. And Facebook has thus far neglected to respond to her many kind requests to prove that she is not, in fact, Alicia Constantinople. Talk about annoying censorship! You can join this group if you think they're being complete jerks to her.

Makes you glad your name isn't Adolf Q. Iraq, doesn't it?

2. My toddler mostly dressed herself today for the first time. I chose the shirt.

3. I got my grandmother a 20-year-old telephone for her 79th birthday because every cordless she's ever had has died within a year. I've had the same cordless since 2002, and I know how rough Dr. Crog can be on inanimate objects, so I'd love to know what she and Papa are doing to destroy the things.

4. I played "crush your head" with my baby today.

5. Then I got bored and played it some more.

6. I kinda miss Kids in the Hall, don't you?

7. I am sleepy, and my baby is frachetty, and Dr. Krog is annoyed because even though the my husband thinks blog is designed to make him look hilariously awful, he doesn't like to seem hilariously awful. He is pretty funny, but I assure you that he is not awful. Unless he doesn't get his second nap on Sunday, and then he is just a tiny bit awful.

8. Did you know that armadillos give birth to identical quadruplets and can carry leprosy? It's true! Also, I once chased a rather fiesty little armadillo for over a mile at Cloud Canyon on a class trip in high school and got lost and had to dip my shirt in the river and wrap it around my head to keep from passing out.

8.5 I know that makes no sense, but it seemed reasonable at the time. I was 16, for crying out loud! I was chasing an armadillo! We didn't have cell phones back then!

8.75 Well, we did have cell phones, but they barely fit in briefcases and took two hands to lift.

8.8 No, I didn't catch it.

8.9 The armadillo, I mean.

8.95 Why are we still talking about armadillos?

9. That's it. You're too silly. I'm going to bed now. Silly person.


Alicia said...

Thanks for plugging my facebook group on your blog. You're the best :)

Tammy Howard said...

1 - that's ridiculous!
2 - awesome!
6 - oh heck yes - except not kinda, but totally.
9 - sweet dreams!

EttyOop said...

1. Seriously? That's so dumb! What's their deal???

2. Pretty cute, actually! Better than my kids would do, and they're 9 and 7ish...

4, 5, 6... Awww Kids in the Hall! I miss them! Saw them live once... SO FREAKING FUNNY!!!

10. Thank you -- your blog makes me laugh even when I'm in a totally crap mood....

Virginia Valerie said...

Thanks for the laugh! Yes, I miss kids in the hall too. And it totally makes sense that you would make a wet t-shirt turban. Armadillos are fast tho. Well, except for the one that is now Dr. J's armadillo mandolin. I kid you not.

I joined Alicia's group - I hope the let her back on!