Thursday, April 23, 2009


I am so happy.

I haz pwinned an award.

See? Right up there? I'm using it Kreativly to cover some random morning boobage that no one wants to see. Because I am Kreativ.

Thank you so, so much to Jenny Penny of Welcome to My Momplex for not only reading and commenting, which gives me warm fuzzies every day, but also for nominating me and being so kind on her awesome blog, which, did I mention, is Welcome to My Momplex. This is even better than a HUZZAH! Award!

I like nominations almost as I love nom-inating cupcakes. NOM NOM NOM.

From what I have gleaned, as the award speech, I am supposed to tell you 7 facts about myself and then nominate two more blogs for the award. Fun!

Let's see. 7 things.

1. I like to read, and the picture above contains most of my favorite books, series, and authors. See?
I dream of writing a book, but I don't have long-term strategic planning skills, so it would have to come in little vignettes or some such. Almost like a blog. Almost like this.

2. You know how in The Office, Pam dreams of having a little balcony and growing plants on it? I find balconies overrated after a hefty puking session in Florence in high school. And I kill all plants that are not Chia-engineered. But I have a Pam-dream, too. I dream of having a beautiful, puffy white chaise lounge in front of a sunny window. With throw pillows and a cute little blanket and a handsome little side table of artfully arranged books I hope to read. Like this.

White, puffy, clean, all mine... yeah, that's gonna have to wait until the kids are in college.

3. I also dreaming of having a little dog again.
Choosing a puppy, snuggling on that chaise. I would like either a

Chinese Crested

or a French bulldog,

because I like weird, small dogs with a punk side. Dr. Krog does not approve, as he prefers large, manly dogs that poop battleships.

See why we don't have a dog?

4. I have an irrational fear of highway driving. I flat out won't do it, especially with my kids, *even* if there is a birth-related conference that all of my friends are going to by the airport and they want me to initiate a bellydance session. The only way to get me to the airport is in Dr. Krog's car, with him driving, at a time when no one else is on the road, wearing 3 helmets and knee pads.

I am trying to build up the cajones to go to Ikea and the Renaissance Festival this spring, but... i'm not there yet. It's deeply embarrassing to have such a crippling fear, so I make a lot of jokes at my own expense.

5. I pretend like i'm taking pictures with an awesome Canon EOS SLR camera. The kind where you use your hand to focus, and things in the background are marvelously fuzzy. I try to recreate this look with Photoshop, but it's a labor of love. I enter every online giveaway for a digital SLR I can find, but I never win. Maybe when I grow up and get the chaise lounge, eh?


And I will save 6, 7 & 8 and my two nominees for Part II: Kreativ Boogaloo later today. Because I am very much in need of a shower, and t.rex wants to discuss antidisestablishmentarianism, and the Biscuit can't get her ladybug skirt on over her sunglasses.


veganf said...

Congrats! You rule!!

Jenny Penny said...

Glad you like it. Love that it's categorized under "kickassery."

edward and lilly said...

so funny, can't wait for the rest. I am so so enjoying your blog!

BOSSY said...

Chaise lounge... window... books... mmm. Bossy didn't know this was a porn site.

Virginia Valerie said...

He he! I LOVE your picture with the Canon EOS!! Oh, you make me laugh. :-)

Lynn said...

I loved your favourite book/author list, I'm going to pull out some Tom Robbins tonight now that you mention it!

Congrats on your award. I was directed to your blog at the Momplex and I'm now addicted. And I love your art. And you're so funny. And your kids are adorable.