Friday, April 24, 2009

Kreativ III: attack of the pwns

...get it? "Attack of the PWNS"?

Like "Attack of the Clones"?

Because you guys all love Star Wars as much as my impossibly dorky family, right?

No? So you're not interested in this fabulous tauntaun sleeping bag?

For all your "and I thought these things smelled bad on the outside" nights on freezing cold planet Hoth. What do they follow it up with-- a Wompa throw rug? A C3PToaster?

But I digress.

It's so difficult to choose only 2 other blogs out of all my daily destinations. And I am procrastinating. And eating a bowl of cereal while I do it.

First of all, I gave both of these folks HUZZAH Awards of my own invention a few weeks ago. But they deserve something real that I didn't make up in a fit of blogousy, which is blog jealousy, which may or may not overcome me like the vapors occasionally. I am going to copyright "blogousy", by the way, so if you use it, please mail me 10 cents.

BLOGOUSY. You heard it here first!

And if they don't like either award, they can always shoot *both* imaginary awards back at me across the country with a potato gun. I'll be the one holding a large vat of ketchup.

Now. We have my buddy at Disposable Aardvarks, Inc. I find her so interesting, and I admire all the time and creativity she puts into raising and nourishing her family. Fascinating bentos, cool pictures, lots of unique recipes. Just totally different. Makes my sunbutter-spackled rice cakes seem downright quotidien.

And. Again. The awesomeness at Never Slap the Gift Donkey, because I get so excited when there is something new. Especially the guerilla art and robot penguins and umbrella trees. The world needs more wacky.

So there you have it. Spreadin' the love. Just spreadin' it, like gooey, red marmalade made of something sweet. Like kitten hearts. Or apricots.

I don't know what marmalade is, really.

And tomorrow i'll tell you the story about how I invented the Cupcake Drive-Thru, and then my beautiful, delicious, wonderful cupcake was EFFING STOLEN FROM RIGHT UNDER MY NOSE AND I BARELY GOT HALF AND I'M STILL NOT OVER IT AND I WANT MY #@#%@#$^#$ CUPCAKE AND I JUST REALLY HATE ROOFERS.

Here's a hint: it involves this guy.


Virginia Valerie said...

OMG I need the tauntaun sleeping bag in my life! Not that I ever camp, on Hoth or elsewhere. That is so awesome!

Those are cool blogs you awarded!

veganf said...

The sleeping bag rules. Totally.

And now I have to choose 2 faves. I am honored!!!

Tyler said...

Hi! I owe you 20 cents for the use of 'Blogousy'. I found your blog thanks to my local blogger pal Krista (veganf). Love it and look forward to reading more.