Friday, April 24, 2009

Kreativ II: etsycupcakebugaloo

...and we're back.

6. I really love, and it has mostly replaced "shopping" for me. I have an Etsy shop, mainly to make Paypal funny money, so that I can spend money on Etsy. It's like art recycling/treasure hunting. That adorable, hand-knit hat on t.rex up there? It's from Etsy, by bonbaby. Those simple earrings that remind me of the spinners on my dad's fishing lures when I was a kid? By sirenjewels. Those sweet, handmade wooden teethers that you can't see because every time I go to photograph them, they're either in my son's mouth or on my daughter's wrist as slimebracelets? By TickiTackiToys.

The only thing I love more than the thrill of selling my own artwork or yapping skills on Etsy is hearing the imaginary *clink* of Paypal and knowing that I get to go select something fun. From Etsy.

I like the word "select" way too much. It's so rich and red and ripe, like cherries over ice. Yum.

7. My middle name was "Virginia" before I got married.

8. Nevermind. It was just supposed to be 7. I think. I'm not very good at following directions.

But here comes the fun part. I get to distribute two Kreativ Blogger Awards.

But sweet Mercury, it's so hard!

There are so many blogs I love! The further I get into blogging, the more blogs I find to adore/worship/stalk.

But I need to have some mental fermentation.

I'll tell you this afternoon.



Virginia Valerie said...

"Honey, you can't just CHANGE YO NAME! You have to sue the state!"

You have more unused yet still mysteriously following you names than I can keep track of... :-)

By the way, what was your middle name after you got married? Or did you just dump all the baggage?

Virginia Valerie said...

omg i just got the shirley joke. :-)


Tammy Howard said...

Etsy rocks.