Tuesday, April 14, 2009

the house that pudge built

I know the market is bad, but this is one sweet piece of land. Rolling hills. Exquisite crevasses.

And it's in a great neighborhood.

Let's start on the bottom floor.

I've counted them myself. Ten delicious little toes, with years of wear left in 'em.

Then we continue around the corner.

That's a lot of space! You're going to have plenty of storage there.

Now let's take a quick peek around back.

What a gorgeous view! And such minimal upkeep on the yard-- that lush growth hasn't been cut a single time, and i've been watching this property for nearly 5 months.

Moving on, we get to a very special feature. You're going to love this.

You just don't get elbow dimples like that on every baby. That's a major selling point.

And I know you're going to love some of the other installations, done at the same time.

I defy you to find a baby with that many chins, that much drool, and such an attractive cheek dimple. You just can't do it! Not in today's market.

So here's the final view, folks. I just know you're going to want to put in a bid.

We're having an Open House next Sunday. With punch and pigs n' blankets! Tell your friends!


No, t.rex is not for sale. I just wanted to show off his delicious pudge.


Jadys said...

OMG, he's beautiful! And those eyes. Too bad he's not for sale. My mother really wants a grandchild.

Virginia Valerie said...

Hi Cutie Pudge!

EttyOop said...

Not only do I melt from the gorgeousness of your son, it also makes me sad because I want to snuggle my own little bitty, and I won't get to her school to get her for another 7 hours.

T-Rex is truly adorable!

Caroline D. said...

um, I have some competing pudge that *may* be just as enticing. possibly. maybe.

Jenny Penny said...

I just found your blog through the Mom Blog Network, and I had to pause here on this, the third of your entries I've [delightedly, enviously] read thus far, to tell you I love your style. The bubble captions? So clever. And I particularly love this post. That's one prime piece o' real estate you got there. I'd make you an offer if I didn't already have one of my own. But then, I'm guessing you're probably not actually entertaining offers, just feeling out the market. Good stuff.

ck said...

LOVE the recent upgrade!

reminds me of my second daughter. i've wanted to call her pudge for every single reason noted on this post.