Tuesday, April 7, 2009


If you frequent my art giveaway blog at www.igivyouart.blogspot.com, you already know the gnus, also known as wildebeests, pride of the savannah.

I'm incorporating that blog into this one.

So the good news is that there will be random art giveaways on *this* blog, and if you're reading this right now, you could win some artz. And because the giveaways won't be as frequent, the quality of the art will be higher, and the quality of my morning will be chiller.

The bad news is that it's not going to be every day. But who could expect that, anyway? It's not like Godiva chocolates are going to start falling from the sky either. So it's more like "expected and mediocre news".

If you'd like to read why the change is occurring, you can hop on over to i*give*you*art and check it out. Or you can finish reading this post, check out the free art, make a comment, and possibly win it. Or you can do both. I'm not going to tell you what to do. I'm not your mom. I'm more like a slightly benevolent cousin, the black sheep of the family who shows up to the family reunions in army boots.

Anyway, in honor of the change, and as a nifty gifty for those of you who got here from there with only a minor stop in Poughkeepsie, the free artz startz today. Here's a sweet little painting of dancing bunnies under the moon. Very yin/yang in a Watership Down sort of way. I think it's Blackavar and Clover, but you can draw your own conclusions. Name those bunnies whatever you want, if you win. I won't judge. Even if you go with Dwayne and Mr. Rumplebottom.

To be entered to win this painting, simply leave a comment, and the Random Number Generator will do the rest tomorrow morning at 9am EST.

In fact, i'll ask you a question, to help it along:

What was your favorite book when you were a kid?

Because mine was Watership Down. From second grade onward, through the movie, after they made me pull the thing tearfully apart in 9th grade, until I found Diana Gabaldon and Tom Robbins, I was deeply smitten with Hazel-rah and the crew. Still am.

i*give*you*art peoples, you are very welcome here. The art may be less frequent, but the quality of the pictures and writing should be better. And you can see a lot more chubby baby, too.


Gena said...

I actually came to visit you via brightcaroline's blog. And you're pretty awesome.

My favorite book as a child? Well, that was many moons ago. Probably Charlotte's Web from about 3rd grade or so. Then Gone With the Wind. Yes, I'm a Southern Girl. There you have it.

I love those bunnies.

Natalie said...

Little House on the Prairie! loved that book. don't know if it was my favorite, but I love it so.

Caroline D. said...

1) Watership Down, Tom Robbins, and Diana Gabaldon are all on my bookshelf and were ummm, how do you say, liked INTENTLY at one time or another in my life

2) I happened upon one of your older posts (I believe it was called "It's my crack") and what do you know, but I am a consignment store junkie too and have been using thebargainwatcher.com for the last 3 years (though I don't like the newish format) going to the Sandy Springs UMC one next friday, as a matter of fact.

3) I'm a little creeped out by these similarities

4) I am no artist, so that makes me feel better

5) My favorite favorite books as a kid were the Little House books, and I'm saving my torn, beat-up copies for Isabel, though she will probably reject them, the little bugger

6) I'm a little afraid of you. In a good way.

ok, that's all.
later gator.

Emma said...

I'm with you on the Watership Down -- I have had two dogs named after those bunnies (Hazel and Fiver).

My favorite little kid book was almost more of a pamphlet -- a tiny little softcover called "Bear By Himself." It's about what a little bear likes to do when he gets some alone time. I still have it around somewhere -- it's one of those things that tends to get misplaced or packed in a random-stuff-box and then re-found every couple of years, much to my joy.

I have another little item that gets lost and found in a similar fashion -- a little chapbook of "poetry" a sort-of friend distributed many years ago. It is one of the (unintentionally) funniest things you could ever lay eyes upon (I would explain the nature of the comedy, but this is a family blog -- suffice it to say in one piece there is a misspelling/homonym of a substance produced by the male body, which if taken at face value significantly changes the tone of the poem).

EttyOop said...

Your kids are too adorable!! And that T-Rex is one smart cookie!

Also? Love the yin/yang thing of the painting!

As for my fave book as a child, has to be Phantom Tollbooth. Er... or Wrinkle in Time. I liked weird, even back then :-)

delilah said...

Oooh, I adored all these, too. I reread the Little House series when I was pregnant. It made me pretty thankful for my lot. And I have both the movie and the book of Phantom Tollbooth and think of it whenever someone says "short shrift".

And I'm a lot more awkward in person, actually.

jarvenpa said...

Wait, Godiva chocolates are not going to fall from the sky????


*gathers self together*

I actually found your blog before your run at the give away your soul in tiny pieces whilst the world applauds site. And I loved it then, and I love it now.

The bunnies are Frederick and Jocelyn, and they are taking a break from tea.

My favorite childhood book was Little Women, though before that I was a Nancy Drew addict and before that I loved Raggedy Ann and before that there was a book called Katy the Kitten. And the Poky Little Puppy.

and yes, I am a bookseller who worked her way through college working in libraries and I am obsessed.


Virginia Valerie said...

I first developed a motivation to read in the 6th grade when I discovered V.C. Andrews and her Smut For Kids series. Man, I tore through those books like they were free cake. Even though the plot always was: some girl gets held against her will by evil older relatives, and then ends up having sex with her brother. The only variation on that theme for the entire series was whether or not the girl knew her brother was in fact her brother. Yep, loved that stuff.

And I love your blog. Now I can lazily get all your blogginess in one easy (and now conveniently linked on my browser tab) place.

PS Cute kids

Katy said...

ooo i have missed out?? Found your blog through Edward and Lilly.

My fav book growing up was The Dark Half by Stephen King, yes, i was a very strange child!

But my fav book when i was really little was The Roly Poly Puppy.

Crystal said...

A Wrinkle in Time

JillianT said...

There were many... but now that they've been mentioned, I'm feeling very nostalgic about Wrinkle in Time and Phantom Tollbooth.

(Even though I wrote "Phantom Toolboth" the first time through)