Wednesday, April 22, 2009

dear husband

Dear Husband,

Thank you so much for everything you do for our family.

The early mornings, the long nights, the 2am Sunday launches.

That whole "6 years of grad school" thing.

The conferences and out-of-town trips and turbulence-filled
plane rides, which I know you hate,
even though the cable and room service almost make up for it.

Some days, I think that you've got a pretty good deal
in your quiet, comfortable cubicle.
One or both of the kids has a screaming fit
or a major barf or refuses to sleep,
and I think,

"He is surely having a better day than me."

And those are the days I usually email you about my horrible day.
And then you bring me Chick-fil-A, and i'm thankful for that, too.

But most of my days are amazing.
I live in a wonderful house filled with everything I need.
I spend my time with two amazing, beautiful, hilarious children.
I have freedom to go to the park, to go shopping,
to visit with friends.

I have very few worries.

And the only things you really expect of me are
two mostly unbroken children
and a house that hasn't burned to the ground.
And a hug at the door.

Oh, and that I let you watch The Venture Bros.
every single night of our life.

And I just want to say


for working so hard
to make such a wonderful, nerfy life for your family.

You are my favorite.

love, d.


Jenny Penny said...

That was just plain lovely!

Virginia Valerie said...


merveilleuse said...


Jenny Penny said...

Just nominated you for a virtual award. I feel like such a stalker! But you are so talent. You can't hold the thing in your hands, of course, but it's still an award, right? You can find it over on my blog here:

EttyOop said...

That was so sweet...

You're a lucky woman :-)

delilah said...

I am *very* lucky. I feel like sometimes Dr. Krog takes a hit on my blogs for a laugh, and he's a very good sport about that. But I really could not imagine being happier in my marriage. He's a totally awesome guy, fabulously good looking, a great provider, and my bestest friend.

Plus, he never complains that I take up 3/4 of the bed, which is nice of him.

And Jenny Penny, THANK YOU so much! I'm so excited and thankful and honored!

Heather said...

It's comments like this that feed a man's soul and contribute to healthy, happy relationships. It's comments like these that make me happy to come back to this blog again and again... because with the snarky silly humor that resonates with me, there's the love and respect you have for the man you share your life with, the father of your children, your friend... it's awesome, and relationships like this aren't shown on TV. It's a shame, really... because relationships like these are the heartbeat of everyday life and healthy families everywhere.

Gibby said...

That is so sweet.
(And I love Chick-Fil-A, too, and we don't have it here, sob.)