Friday, April 17, 2009

climb, clumb, clambered

For being underslept and overstimulated, we had a relatively lovely day, which included a quick trip to a local playground.

And the Biscuit had an adventure.

First, she swinged. Swang. Swung?

She insisted t.rex and I join her, because "these are really good swings, mommy".

And check it! A photograph of me that wasn't taken by my own extended arm while nursing on the couch. Amazing! And probably my favorite photo of me since t.rex was hatched. I definitely need to drag my mom around town with us and a camera more so I can see what I look like when i'm not grimacing after dinner.

Oh, but back to the Biscuit.

Next she clumb. Climbed. Clumbed? Clambered?

The playsets here are 3 stories high and loads of fun. One of my favorite things about having small children at the playground is that I can play like a monkey and look like a ninny and it's okay, because i'm helping my child.

Because the Biscuit got to the top and needed a little encouragement before tossing her tiny little body down that huge, twisty wormhole of a slide.

Which she loved, so she skittered back up to the top to try out the other one.

Both slides were equally squeal-inducing, although she later claimed to prefer the lighter blue one.

And then she charged right back up a third time to that aerie overlook, 3 stories above the ground.

And she paused.

And then she started crying, just standing there. Just like this.

I had to go up to investigate. With t.rex strapped to my front, which was entertaining.

"Buddy, why are you crying? Don't you want to go down the slide?"

"I CAN'T!!!" she wailed.

Oh, she sounded like somebody shot her dog, except she hasn't got a dog, because I can't deal with anybody else's poop right now.

"Why not?"

"I CAN'T!!!"

Oh, the toddler refrain.

"Well, buddy. It's either down the slide or down the ladder, you only have two choices."


Poor little dude got so excited playing that she ignored Nature's urgent whisper, climbed three stories up, and laid a big ol' stinker in her pirate alligator pull-ups.

So I helped her climb down 2 ladders, and we waddled back to the car, and we left a steamer in the public trash can.

So to the Parks guys who find that one, sorry. I'm sure you've found worse in public trash cans, but since I was behind her on two ladders, I know just what you're going to smell tomorrow morning.


And then we went to Target and bought a pair of Care Bear socks off the dollar rack to cheer the Biscuit back up. She's so easy.


Virginia Valerie said...

oh, poor girl! It's tough being 2.5.

Virginia Valerie said...

Also, great picture of you!

Jenny Penny said...

Just left you another comment on a different entry, glad to have stumbled across your blog for the first time. I think the cleanup crew at the public park, while probably not thrilled about handling deuce-wads in their trash, will appreciate NOT having to get to the bottom of any mysterious brown streaks down the center of the tube slide. So, you spared them cleaning up THAT, at least. Great post.