Thursday, April 9, 2009

biscuitology 1

Biscuitology: (n) The study of biscuits.

From today in the bathtub:

biscuit: OH NO, MOMMY! I am wrink-o-lee!

me: Yes, that happens when you are in the bath for a long time and your skin cells become swollen with water. It will go back to normal once you are dry.

biscuit: Yeah, I *know*. But I am NOT a mermaid.

me: Really? How do you know?

biscuit: Because I do not have red hair.


I think she took a brief excerpt of The Little Mermaid too literally at Jazzercise yesterday.


Virginia Valerie said...

I like to nom biscuits. NOM NOM

Johnny Cash said...

Am I the only man who reads your blog? You need to write a very man friendly post. Make it about fantasy football or scratching down there or boobs or PANTERA!!! or Johnny Cash.