Monday, April 20, 2009

another experiment

You know how i'm not very good at following directions?

And how Dr. Krog is always offering helpful advice, and half the time I agree with him, but most of the time I completely ignore his intelligent input?

Well, we decided to try another experiment. Blogging together. He tells me what to do, and I actually do it.


I've already messed it up a few times. But i'm trying really hard, honest!

Check out to read more.

It's still a bit wordy, and we're working out the kinks, but I hope it will give my beloved Dr. Krog a safe place to exercise his advice while allowing me to totally lambast him like a drunk monkey.

It's just how we roll.


parentingBYdummies said...

Hey! That's cool. I have to trick my husband into even reading my blog so there is no way he'd actually blog with me. Oh well, I'm way funnier on my own:)

Tammy Howard said...

Cool plan - really pretty pic, too!

Kathy B! said...

I'm very curious to check this out!