Saturday, March 7, 2009

a typical atypical morning

1. I walk downstairs after a groggy night next to a newborn with a cold, pour a bowl of cereal with eyes crusted shut, and stomp to my laptop. Dr. Crog is joyfully writing a Facebook note, and when he requests a few moments, I curse and pout. I really, really don't like things to mess with my morning.

2. I eat my cereal, apologize to Dr. Crog, and comfort my child, who is on her 3rd tantrum of the day because, and I quote, "Daddy went upstairs".

3. I work tirelessly to get Dr. Crog in a better mood, and he decides to put his black gi on the Biscuit. We all laugh.

4. The Biscuit requests a drawing on her Magnadoodle, which usually involves all of her friends in a boat. I follow her directions and draw Daddy with a book on his head, some birds and birdseed, and some squirrels and nuts. Although when she said "Draw Daddy, and draw some nuts," the picture almost became quite saucy.

5. Did I mention that I performed this drawing UPSIDE DOWN and LEFT-HANDED?

6. Not recognizing the skill and brilliance it takes to draw a picture UPSIDE DOWN and LEFT-HANDED, the Biscuit callously erases my picture and creates a better masterpiece. She calls this one "Fireworks".

7. Dr. Crog leaves to teach jiujitsu, and the Biscuit runs around half-naked searching for a toy i've confiscated, while t.rex snores in my lap.

It's how we roll.

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valerie said...

Love your magnet pic! At least you captured it digitally before it was destroyed.

BTW, your link to igiveyouart from your blog page is FAIL due to a misguided comma who thought he belonged there.