Thursday, March 12, 2009

this is your wake up call

Top 50 Reasons My Mom Needs to Take Her Health More Seriously

1. Big Ben would be lost without you.

2. Rex needs to know you.

3. Cleo thinks the world revolves around you.
4. You're my best friend.

5. Your son-in-law loves you.

6. Your sister needs you.

7 , 8, 9. Uncle Bill and Swijin are quite fond of you. So is Lovey.

10, 11, 12. Uncle Lee and his family care about you.

13. Mimi is proud that you're her daughter-in-law.

14. Papa loves you.

15 - 50. Uncle Mike, Aunt Delana, Cousin Mike and his family, Cousin Stephen and his family, Amber and her family, Willie and his family, David, Cindy, Joe, Judy, Dianne, Merrie, Tammy, Kay, Debbie, Jimmy, Morgan, Bobbie, Jeff, Jeff, Jackie, Charlotte, all your friends in Finance, Peg, Chuck, Billie, Willie, Wink, Wild Bill and EVERYBODY ELSE YOU KNOW.


You got a wake-up call last week. You got lucky. You won the lottery.

Thousands of people die of heart attacks every single day in this country without a single warning. Without a chance to say goodbye to their loved ones and friends.
Without a chance to say "I should have".

But you have a chance they never had. It may not be heart disease today, for which we are all dearly thankful, but you have got to take your health seriously, or it's going to be something different.

Your mom didn't make it past 62.

We all thought Aunt Sunny was going to die last year.

We don't want to worry about you. We don't want to have to show Rex pictures of you and tell him how wonderful you were, how much you made him smile when he was a baby. We don't want Cleo to have just vague memories of you, to have to ask Big Ben what you were like.

I wanted to find a picture of your mom, of Granny, to put here. But I can't find one. I don't have any. She didn't live long enough to see digital cameras. My memories of her are mainly of the smell of her cigarettes and how happy I was when she let me wear the leopard hat. I remember what it was like when she died, and I got to know her for six wonderful years.

I know you feel like you got a get-out-of-jail free card, but what you got was a warning.

You have got to get exercise. You have got to cut out the chocolate. You have got to cut down the stress in your life. You have got to relax in a way that doesn't involve cleaning or yard work. You deserve vacations and time by the pool and all the things you always want to do but don't or can't.

I love you so much, and I don't know how to help you. I can't force you to go out for a walk. I can't tell you what to eat our how much. All I can do is write you letters and send you links to health stories and pray to whatever I believe in that something will strike a chord, because my family needs you around. You have a responsibility to my children to do whatever is in your power to be around for them as long as you can be. It's not just about you and Daddy. It's about all of us.

I understand that you're going to go for a walk tomorrow, but it's always going to be tomorrow. Get mad at me, or get scared of what could have been. Get whatever you need, but get healthy. Just look at all those pictures up there, and imagine what will happen if you don't take care of yourself.

This is serious.

We love you.

And we want you to be around for a long, long time.


Sybil said...

Oh Delilah, I hope your mama takes this all in!

Virginia Valerie said...

I want you to stick around too, Ms. Linda! Your daughter will help you come up with a plan - it will be easy to stick to once you get into it.


katiri said...

Wow, just want to leave a comment of love and support for MOM! You are so loved and appreciated.

katiri said...

also, I want to tickle the heck out of T-Rex's gorgeous baby armpit in that pic!!!