Monday, March 2, 2009


Oh, how i've always ached for bright blue eyes.

I have always felt like a flamboyant, colorful peacock on the inside and a slightly confused turkey on the outside. I feel that I am a unique, funky sort of person, but I don't want to look *too* weird. It's pretty annoying, actually-- straddling the fence between the normies and the oddballs. I mean, when I was goth, it was mainly in the shoes and black shirts and clinical depression rather than in the eyeliner and hair.

I favor non-permanent changes that won't scare my grandmother.

Which is why i'm considering getting a nose stud. Just a small, subtle, tasteful little stud in the side of my nose. Small, cute, funky, affordable, not-too-painful, and I can take it out if it doesn't work out. No harm, no foul. The Facebook posse seems drawn on the matter, and I am, too. I don't have the time (or post-baby body) for a wardrobe overhaul, and I'm just not interested in having expensive hair.

Plus, I suck at bangs.

That's what she said! Ha!

Ahem. So i've been fiddling with Gimp and a crummy laptop touchpad to give myself a little more color. Check it.

Here's me as a blond with green eyes.

Here's me a little more vampy:

And here's me totally rockin' my inner goth:

See? That stud seems pretty tame now, huh? Next thing you know, i'll be getting a tattoo of a freckle.

Because we peaturkeys have got to strut our stuff.


katiri said...

Let's do Blond Dreadlocks!
You are so cute and I am so glad that post title wasn't referring to dinner. blech.

Anonymous said...

A tiny nose stud will be perfect. Make sure you get it done with a needle.


Beyond Blessed in GA said...

My vote is GO FOR IT! Love your blog, by thew way!

valerie said...

Virtual makeover - I love it! And it's free... the goth look totally rocks.
I'm in favor of the nose ring, but I might be living vicariously through you, since I don't have any after-market holes myself.

Heather said...

I've got no serious opinion either way, but I've heard that some people with nose piercings feel like they have to pick their nose all the time (because of the stud/back). I've never done it, I have no idea, just wanted it thrown out there to add to the considerations for you. If you want it, do it. :D

jarvenpa said...

My very lovely daughter got a nose stud a few months ago (to go with the three holes in each earlobe and the, ahem, chest type area piercings. Only I think she removed those. But, you understand, I haven't looked). The nose stud looks quite nice.
(she had her Goth period too, about ten years back--she's almost 24 now. It was mostly about the angst, I think.)
There is something about mothering very young ones that makes one look in the mirror and go "you know, I think I need to cut my hair and dye it red" Or something (that's what I did, back in the day. cut and red.)
Hey, the veriword is "redable"!