Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Subtitle: How to Get Kicked Off of Etsy and Get Lots of Hate Mail

Wanna hear about how I almost accidentally and innocently
d something ignorant, embarrassing, and stupid?

Sure you do.

I decided to paint some paintings for my Etsy shop today-- just some sweet little paintings on book pages that could be cheap and easily framed. So I sat at the table with the Biscuit, ripped out some pages of Into the Wilderness by Sara Donati, and started painting. My favorite books are well-researched, quasi-romantic, historical fiction, and this book is the first in an amazing series that takes up where Last of the Mohicans ended.

But it does have its flaws.

Here are the paintings, drying in the sun.

Here is the Biscuit, insisting that I take a picture of her Wasa cracker, for some reason.

Here's a nice one. Friendly little rabbit in the gloaming. Harmless.

But wait.

When you get closer, you can see that I have made a very crucial error that would likely get me kicked off Etsy, destroy my hearts, and cause hate mail to flood in.

Still don't see it? Lemme show you.

So here's a little tip: when you read about the 1800's, you definitely need to pay attention to which pages you yank out of books to sell as paintings. While some words have historical significance, they have no place in decorative artwork. I'll have to throw away this adorable little painting, which I like very much, because nobody wants to see those words all day, and if they do, I don't want to sell to them.

Bye bye, bunny. Hello, reading glasses.



Frogs Mom said...

That's just silly. And you got hate mail? Like someone set up a letter writing campaign?

delilah said...

Nope. I caught it as I was painting, thankfully. But I would have been mortified if it had reached the world at large.

Misty said...

Nice catch!

valerie said...

send it to me. meeeeeeeeeeeee!