Monday, March 23, 2009

it's the new moosebutt

The Biscuit was being punished with a time-out for sitting on her brother, and she fell asleep while crying into the rear portion of her stuffed magical unicorn.

She was snoring really loudly, too.

I know it's a bit more vulgar than usual... but it's much funnier that way.

Believe me.

I tried.

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jarvenpa said...

Do you ever consider what your daughter is going to say to you when she realizes you have shown her intimate sorrows to an uncaring and giggling world (well, I care, but I can't answer for the world)?
I used to write catalogs for kids books featuring lovely and graphic stories from the real life adventures of my children.
Like the beautiful liquid, leavings...of my newborn daughter. I tell you, I stared at the color with absolute delight it was not only on her diaper but on the bookstore floor, fatuously exclaimed: "Look! Such a pure, unsaturated hue!!"

Oddly, the customers were not fascinated.

And..when my daughter hit, oh, 13..stories like these were NOT her faves.

Just an early warning. Proceed, I love it.