Sunday, March 1, 2009

hell haz frozen over

Exhibit A: It snowed in Georgia today.


Exhibit B: My kid ate snow ice cream and had a cup of hot cocoa, both containing sugar.


Exhibit C: The TV was on all day, and I watched some
Ace Ventura 2: The Case of the Spastic Lunatic in the Rhino's Bum.


Exhibit D: I dressed my son in a UGA onesie.

Who knows? Tomorrow, i'll probably take up soccer in a miniskirt while eating a tuna and caper sandwich on rye.
The world is a crazy place.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff, kid! It was an unusual day, to be sure. Sorry you missed the biggest consignment sale of the year...but who would want to miss the 'Opotomus catching snowflakes on her tongue and hearing her say "that snow makes me feel all yummy inside"?!?

Grace said...

Those are all fantastically cute pictures!

Beyond Blessed in GA said...

Sometimes you just got to indulge in bad food and being lazy. Little baby man is adorable!

cmt said...

Loved all the pics, especially Biscuit trying to catch a snowflake.

jarvenpa said...

Your daughter has the most amazing eyes! And yay for snow. I guess?