Tuesday, March 17, 2009

happy sanpaggersbay

Yesterday, the Biscuit told me that it was "almost sanpaggersbay", and that they ate "funny cereal" in preschool that included "blue things, green things, a hourglass, and a leper".

I'm sure the fine folks at General Mills will want to know about the unfortunate condition of their leprechaun mascot so they can get him off the Lucky Charms box before his nose falls off.

Which makes about as much sense as the real Saint Patrick's Day, at least for your basic American mutt family like us. Throughout my life, I have been told that my lineage includes Irish, Black Irish, Scottish, English, Spanish, Andalusians, Clydesdales, and Cherokee Indians. All the names on the family tree, which date back to the 1800's, are totally bland and reveal nothing. No Patrick O'Brians, Brian O'Patricks, or Liam O'Flaherty Flannigan Patrick Brian O'Donnegans.

So I feel like a bit of a faker making a big deal out of St. Patty's Day, while at the same time, I love any sort of ridiculous celebration. So we had a special dinner, which was amazingly delicious. Shepherd's Pie, which diverted from the recipe at every step.

And yet... it was lovely. Just look at it!

Yeah, that does look a bit like barf.

But seriously, it did *not* taste like barf. Even Dr. Crog, the pickiest of the picky, said, "This tastes like something I would actually BUY in a STORE!"

High praise.

And then, at dinner, I noticed that the Biscuit had many Irish features.

And after a delicious dinner, she encountered an actual wild Irish chupacabra.

It's funny-- when I was a kid, I remember thinking that holidays were such a huge deal, and that everyone in the world was wearing green. And as an adult, I realize that they are only special if adults go to the trouble to make them special. All it takes to make my kid's day is 2 drops of green food coloring in her milk.

And thus a Happy Sanpaggersbay was had by all.

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katiri said...

You are so right. About the adults making the difference. Praise and Appreciation, Delilah! We're going to rock St. Joseph's day like cray zee!