Friday, March 13, 2009

far, far away...

Who is that mysterious monster?

Daddy's interpretation of The Monster, before the great reveal...

Have I told you about "The Monster"?

A few weeks ago, the Biscuit woke up and told us about The Monster. We were instantly intrigued. And baffled. The Monster clearly appeared in her dreams, but she didn't seem scared of him. It wasn't a nightmare. And yet she did tell him to go away, or hid from him in her tent or under her covers. Sometimes Nina scared him away, or Daddy made him leave. And yet there was no terror, no fear, and no disturbed sleep.

Details appeared. He lived in a lake that was "far far away". He had ears and big, blue eyes. He talked to her. She and Daddy walked near the lake and threw rocks into it. He didn't like the sunshine. He didn't yell or run or try to scare her. He bumps into her bed, and she tells him to, "Go away, monster!"

Who could this monster be? Not Shrek, because he yells. Not the goon from Goodnight, Goon, because he wasn't wearing pajamas. He wasn't from Monster Munchies, because he didn't want chew on *her*. Not a nightmare manifestation of stern, toy-confiscating parents. Had our child concocted a monster purely from her imagination?

Finally, last night, Daddy put the puzzle pieces together. Here is The Monster:

Yup, it's Yoda. Our child apparently considers him an annoying monster.

I think I like Daddy's interpretation better. After all, if she's not going to listen to Master Yoda, how will we send her to Dagobah for more training?

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Virginia Valerie said...

Maybe you should wait until she's well grounded in the english language before sending her to dagobah. Hearing the predicates come first in every friggen sentence gets old FAST.