Wednesday, February 4, 2009

yummy guru

Ever since falling in goofy TV love with craggy, crabby Chef Gordon Ramsay, I have watched as many episodes of Kitchen Nightmares as possible while lunching on grilled cheese sammiches at my parents' house. From donkey dork kabobs to nude karaoke, it is currently my favorite show. Which is why i've been craving Indian food non-stop for about 3 weeks after watching an Indian restaurant under go Gordon's gastric gauntlet.

Normally, a craving is easy for me to quell, but Indian food is tough. It's no fun alone; Craig doesn't like it; and my mom is terrified ever since the "Oh My God, This is Goat!!" affair. So, finally, we went out for Indian buffet with our buddies Heidi and Jade. But we didn't actually *get* Indian buffet, because neither of our regular haunts currently offers a weekday lunch buffet. Stupid economy! After irritating some businessmen and trashing one booth before getting a drink order, we left Indian Chef for Guru 1, where we were blissfully (and unfortunately) the only folks there.

I do not have enough nice things to say about Guru 1 in the Old Roswell Mill. I can't believe the place wasn't packed. Although the location is forgettable and the interior is lackluster, the food and service were UNBELIEVABLE. They custom-made dishes for us and brought free kids' food and mango juice for our rambunctious daughters. They didn't mind the shrieking contest or rice spillage. Our lunch included some sort of delicious soup, our curries, rice, naan, a vegetable samosa, and Indian chicken nuggets for the girls, and it was very cheap. They offered us ice cream, but we all declined.

Over two hours later, and I am still utterly stuffed and very, very happy. I sing songs of joy for lamb curry with rice and naan.

Just... just... YUM.

So worth the wait.

So if you have kids and could fancy a curry, I suggest Guru 1. Delicious, sit-down food with silverware and real plates and free kids' lunch and no dirty looks while your kid talks in ultrasonic dolphin-speak.

Besides Chef Ramsay, who would surely tear them a new one, who could ask for anything more?


Casey said...

Lamb is one of my pregnancy cravings! I must go to this place. Wanna meet for lunch sometime soon?

delilah said...

Yes, definitely! And it's right near Waller Park and Roswell Park, too!