Thursday, February 5, 2009

stream of toddler consciousness

(random, in sing-song voice to herself over about 30 minutes)

1, 2, 3 Han Soloooooo
1, 2, 3 Han Soloooooo
Then we count to ten
How do you do?
What you have to do is
Marry the princess
Marry the princess
All you have to do
Is marry the princess
If you remember
Yes, you remember!
Oh, do you remember?
You look good, Sir Daddy Dad
That kid's really nice
Ohhhhhh yeah
Yes, sir!
You can have this sticker! Yay!
Whoa-ho, whoa-hay!
I have to go get my potty seat
I tinkle... I tinkle... in here...
Catie... CatieCatieCatie... Miz Christiiiiiiine! Miz Christiiiiiine!
What? What's that there?
Happy Birthday to strawberry
Happy Birthday to strawberry
There is a poblem!
Yes, we do have a poblem.
I am chasing the bees
I am cha-a-asing all the bee-ee-ee-eees
But I have to buckle my... um...
I have to put on my paaaaaaants!
My paaaaaaants!
Ow! Ow! Ow!
Once Upon a Potty...
Once Upon a Pah-ha-ha-ha-hotty
Where is Maggie?
Oh! I don't know!
She is watching squirrels, probably
I would like a cracker
A cracker cracker cracker
He pretend to walk
On his little bitty feet
He is growing so SO big!
Hello baby baby baby brother
Oh, toesies
Hey, baby!
May I have some of your apple please?
Please please please please thank you!
I want some pear, please. I want some apple.
The goose... are in his toes.
Scuse me!

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