Thursday, February 26, 2009


Alright, everybody! Here we go! Get ready to feel the burn!

Now... look goofy! Look goofy! Look goofy!

Okay now... stick that lip out! Lip out! Get it out! Keep it out!

That's good! But now that we've had those lips out... suck 'em in! Get 'em in! Hold that lip innnnnnnnnn...... goood! Feel the burn!

You're doing great! Let's keep it up! Turn that head... show your cheek! Hey, cheek! It's chubby! It's your cheek!

Whew! That was a great workout, guys!


Um, don't we need to lift our legs or something? Get some actual aerobics?

Wait, what?
We're supposed to get actual exercise! AAAAGH! I thought this was just an exercise in cuteness.
I usually prefer to have my leg workouts at 5am, thanks.


urfaqhesse said...

gimme those cheekies

Wendy said...

Hee, look at those cutie pies!

Sorry to be so lame about it, but I'm actually mostly commenting here to say that I've been unable to comment on the I Give You Art blog for a few days now -- I never get the word verification box, no matter how I tinker with firewall/security settings etc. Is it just me?

delilah said...

Wendy, I removed the word verification box and any constraints to commenting, so you should have no trouble now. I just logged out of blogger and commented anonymously. Please let me know if it still doesn't work!

Jennifer said...

OMgah, look at that chub! Mama's milk is a wonderful thing.