Wednesday, February 18, 2009

my so-called meatloaf

Warning: If you're pregnant, vegetarian, vegan, squeamish about meat in any way, or really hate the singer Meatloaf, you should probably just move along. La la la.

* * *

Interesting fact: I actually saw Meatloaf in concert. It's true. At the Fabulous Fox Theatre for his Bat Out of Hell tour, back when I was in high school. I used to have a t-shirt to prove it, too, until... well... I used it to wash my car. And I readily admit that a dude in his late 40's singing "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights" was really, really funny. Meatloaf + heavy petting = a joke, even in Magical Unicorn Land.

Which brings me to today's meatloaf, which I consider Magical. Capital "M". Capital "Mmmmmm". I was never a fan growing up, and I never thought I would like it, but then I found this recipe one day in desperation with a pound of ground beef about to go bad. What can I say-- it was before the days of the Holy Foreman Grill. I omit the ketchup and brown sugar glaze, use crushed Annie's Whole Wheat Bunnies instead of Saltines, and bake the loaf over two slices of bread to soak up the fat, but otherwise, I actually follow the recipe. Honest!

And it is seriously heavenly. Captain Cupcake Craver dreams of this meatloaf all day. It makes a fabulous sandwich reheated with a bit of mayo on toasted bread. It is divine with dill-buttered baby carrots. It's fast and simple and goes with everything. I SIMPLY LOVE THIS MEATLOAF.

But I really, really hate the word "meatloaf".

Meatloaf sounds so nasty. I mean... a loaf of meat? It just reminds me of a Great Dane taking a crap, if you'll pardon my French. And the term is so inclusive-- from ketchup-and-Wonderbread loaves of the 1950's to Alton Brown's fancy Food Network version that I could ruin dangerously.

I just don't think the term "meatloaf" can describe the love I feel for this meal. So i've been trying to think of some rebranding terms for meatloaf. But they're all awful.

Steak Cake
Beef Pate
Angus Log
Beouf Von Loggins
Chuck Muck
Gourmet Ground Beef Casserole
Sloppy Joseph

There is simply no good term for meatloaf.

Our love must remain... forbidden.

Paradise by the kitchen liiiiiiiight.......

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valerie said...

Ooh I have to try this recipe. I just made up a recipe for meatloaf last week because I was really craving it. I tried to remember what I've seen my mom put in it. But this recipe looks a lot better. I'll wait till Dr. J isn't sick of meatloaf anymore and then I'll try again. :-)