Tuesday, February 3, 2009

a letter of apology

Dear Dr. Crog,

Apparently, I owe you an apology.

In my dream last night, I stole your motorcycle for some big surprise, and I hid it in a field, and then I lost it. Even though I kept saying, "But it was a surprise!!", you were still really angry. Even when my childhood friend Letha gave you the entire set of Cabbage Patch Kid/Hungry Hungry Hippo crossover dolls in original packaging, you didn't forgive me. You looked so sad at that big party we held in our electricity-less cabin, wearing your purple and black glittery alligator skin tuxedo. I still can't believe 200 people fit in our living room. And after I went away with Jeanie to the Elite Pregnant Girls' School, you wouldn't send me a postcard, even after I wrote a song for you on a pink guitar.

So, sorry about that.

Love, d.

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Natasha Kreisle said...

I so want your dreams.

ps. I took a class on Freud's Interpretation of Dreams...