Monday, February 9, 2009

it costs what it costs, Michael

I was saddened today to learn via Yahoo News that three very important businesses may be going out of business in 2009:

Rite Aid, Krispy Kreme, and Six Flags.

And I am sad.

Of course the last time I entered a Rite Aid was before I knew I was pregnant with T.Rex to buy the Mucinex DM that haunted me all pregnancy with visions of club feet. And the last time I stopped by Krispy Kreme was for a pumpkin donut on October 1, the day they begin producing pumpkin donuts each year. And the last time I personally paid to visit Six Flags was during college, back when Dr. Crog had long hair and I wore cut-off jean shorts.

But that shouldn't matter! Just because *I* don't personally frequent these businesses does *not* mean they should close. I have occasional and desperate need of them.

When I am sick and need to make two right turns on the way home and forgot to stop at Walgreens first, I need Rite Aid. When I am pregnant and craving a pumpkin donut and it happens to be one of the two months in which they make pumpkin donuts, I need Krispy Kreme. And when I want to go laugh at rednecks and ride roller coasters once a decade, I seriously need Six Flags.

Huh. I begin to see why they might be in financial trouble.

My point is this: YOU need to patronize these three businesses so that they will be available on the off-chance that I might need to patronize them one day. It costs what it costs.

Stupid economy.

ps. Blockbuster is also on the chop list, so I am now overjoyed to know that voodoo really works. Anybody got some pins and tiny little copies of Stuart Little and The Notebook?


Casey said...

Noooooooo! I don't care about Rite Aid and think Blockbuster probably deserves it, but Krispy Kreme? Six Flags? What did I do in a past life to deserve this punishment? Of course, it could have something to do with my lack of actually setting foot in either place in a very long time in this life, but like you I want them around. There is no other donut place equal to KK. No thanks, I don't want your two day old covered in fly poop donuts, Dunkin' Donuts. And why can't it just be White Water who goes out of business? I was planning to go to Six Flags again. You know, in several years when I'm not knocked up and my children are too small. I'm staying in bed to mourn this. Oh, and I'm totally going to get some Krispy Kreme while I still can.

stinestrain said...

it's purely conjecture...

"It's possible that none of the firms on this list will liquidate, or even declare Chapter 11. Some may come up with unexpected revenue or creative financing that helps avert bankruptcy, while others could be purchased in whole or in part by creditors or other investors."

I'm sure Rite-Aid at least will get bought by Walgreens of CVS, just like Eckerd got bought by Rite-Aid when they went out of business. Drugstores are a dime a dozen, just like banks.