Sunday, February 22, 2009

in which I mess up all the time

1. Just today, I set my coffee cup next to my watercolor water cup, dipped the brush in the coffee, dipped it into the paint, painted with a slightly browner tone than expected, and then proceeded to drink the coffee. And i'm not a beginner at paint or coffee.

2. Two days ago, I grabbed a cloth diaper for t.rex and set him down. He woke howling moments later, looking like he'd gone down a water slide. I forgot to put the stuffer in the diaper, and he (and everything else) was covered in tinkle. For those of you who aren't into cloth diapering, it's basically like having a sandwich composed of two pieces of bread-- nothing in the middle-- which means no absorbency at all. Not smart. Baby no likey.

3. The first time I left the house with t.rex as a baby, I forgot to bring wipes and spare clothes. Thus, when he had an enormous diaper blowout up to his neck, I was ill prepared. We lost some valiant blankets that day, I tell you.

4. And then yesterday, when he had another necksplosion in the car, I had forgotten to repack his spare clothes. Luckily, we were just stepping out of a consignment sale, so he had several brand new outfits at the ready. I redressed him and commented on how handsome he looked, and he promptly cheesed all over his new stripey shirt. Now I call him Cheeser, which goes well with calling the girlchild Biscuit. Mmm. Cheese and biscuits. Like at Red Lobster. Mmmmmmmm.

5. I almost stole from a church yesterday. At a consignment sale, I threw a pair of sandals and Disney's Hercules in the stroller basket. And almost walked out with them there. Sadly, I had no cash on me and had already used a check, so the Biscuit will have to wait to learn about Satyrs, Disney-style.

5.5 I did actually steal from a consignment sale two years ago, but I didn't know it until I got home and found the tag on the outfit. Not my fault - *they* didn't ring it up. It didn't fit, and the Biscuit never wore it, and I still feel kinda guilty.

6. Just today, I set t.rex down for a diaper change and leaned over to get a new diaper. He peed on the wall.

That's all that comes to mind. And most of them were in the last week and, oddly, involve the business end of a baby. I make a lot of mistakes. But it all turns out pretty well, anyway.


Kristy said...

love your story, loving the fact that I have a daughter even more at the moment for the sake of our walls!

katiri said...

"neckplosion" is a wonderful word for a hideous happening!

I think that when your first babe is a boy, you learn to keep the guard up in the squirting department. You were on low-to-no squirt protection for two years and just haven't become vigilant.

Rex & Biscuit are looking adorable in the aerobics routine!