Saturday, January 24, 2009


The internet, I think, helps introverts find a place to pretend to be extroverts.

You find your forum, you make friends, and then, if you are lucky enough to meet them in real life, you have skipped through all the painful bits of social interaction. You don't have to introduce yourself, say your name twice, discuss your business and interests, wonder frantically if they like you or you are embarrassing yourself. You just say "I'm jollyrancher82", and they're like, "Cool! I'm wompa1. I liked your post about Lucky Charms". Instant friend!

Most of my current mom friends have come into my life through local message boards. I actually have more friends now than I have since high school, which is an enormous blessing, as I am the kind of introvert who finds it impossible to walk up to someone and introduce myself. In fact, I would rather give a speech to 1000 strangers than strike up a conversation with one non-threatening person. Even a grandma. Which is really, really sad.

And that's why i'm vexed with myself. At the playground yesterday, I exchanged pleasantries with a family of great social possibilities. The kid was Biscuit's age and wearing chucks, the two babies were T.Rex's age, the dad was wearing an Adult Swim hoodie, the grandmother lived across the street from my mom, and one of the moms actually works for Adult Swim. Which we very nearly worship. If ever a group of people had fabulous possibilities of being buddies, it was right there by the bucket swings, and it was US.

And yet due to their group dynamics, my shyness, and our kids' inability to play in the same area as they bounced around like rogue electrons, we never connected past the initial friendliness. Never exchanged names or emails, just drifted about the park and smiled like we wanted to chat more. Not only were they young and cool with kids the exact same age as ours, but SHE WORKED FOR ADULT SWIM!! Although our children are important to us, you could almost say that Dr. Crog's and my life together were incomplete until we found Venture Bros. and Frisky Dingo. We could probably have some sort of polyamorous, 4-way, 2-D marraige with Venture Bros. and Frisky Dingo, and it would be all like, KA-KOW, and then we would be like, BOOSH!

But I digress. My point is this: because of my stupid, annoying shyness, I missed a chance to make buddies with folks that were ripe for buddy-ness. And I am vexed with myself.

So if you should know these people, please tell them that me and Dr. Crog are very cool people-- not nerds AT ALL, seriously-- and we would like to invite them over for a bowl of Cap'n Crump and a special presentation of Lady Windermere's Fan.


stinestrain said...

I would try to google them. they sound like they might blog :P

EttyOop said...

I'm sorry :-( I'm the same way... there are moms whose kids are friends with mine. They are nice people with whom I have things in common. But I'm so shy that I can't say to them "hey, let's get together with the kids!" HATE that.... bah... I feel your pain.

that being said? I'm with stinestrain... they do sound like the type who would blog...